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I need to add about 3-4 inches in two months.

ok, I’m new here, but even I think 3-4 inches in two months is impossible.

I myself am looking to get a quick 1 to 1/2”s but increase the girth. I plan on doing a whole lot of reading. :)

I have now studied PE very intensively. I have come up with a couple of ideas.

A- Temperature Regulated Stretching

I was thinking about the basic principle that substances contract proportional with decreasing heat. Perhaps it is possible to use this law of nature to get a bigger dick?

1- With the help of a non- suspended penis stretcher, stretch your heated penis as far as possible.

2- Relocate to a very cold place, like a cellar, eventually cooling your dick with an Ice- sock (as a rice sock- only the opposite effect.

3- This will both decrease the flexibility of the penis and create significantly additional stretch.

B- Advanced Penis Rotation

It is a well known fact that rotating or twisting an object around its own center point will create great force, even more so than stretching or pulling the object. This principle is somewhat similar to the V- stretch, but the stretch will be concentrated in a downward spiral towards the penis head, rather than a linear pull based at the mid shaft. It will affect a bigger area of the penis, and will have a better girthwork potential.

1- Grip firmly around the root of the penis at about 60% erection.

2- With the remaining hand, twist the dick as far as possible to the right, and then to the left.

3- This will affect the CC increasingly proportional with the radius of the dick. This means that the areas the farthest from the center of the dick will be affected the most. The nerve bundle that runs along the top of hte penis will not be overstretched, due to the way the penis is attached to the body, meaning that its center line is not actually in the middle of the cock, but a little over that point.


Please give some feedback on wether or not these techniques may help me gain faster. Thanks to those who have treated me in a good way!

I will make this a new topic.

Originally Posted by bigblackstick

I need to gain 3-4 inches in about 2 minutes…..what exercises should I do?

1) Tie a rope around your dick til it turns black
2) Tie the other of the rope to a car
3) I know this sounds wierd but have the car drive TOWARD YOU!

No seriously, is this girl even worth it? Post of pic of her here. :)


I apoligize. I am new to the forum, and shoud have read the F. guidelines.

Originally Posted by melvin_uk
A conversation that would go something like this may come in handy:

you: “… I’m not really 8 inches you know”
her: “Well how big are you?”
you: “I Don’t know I’ve never been bothered to check, but hey you would be pretty shallow if you were meeting me because I had an 8” dick”

And if she tell you she doesn’t want to meet you then Fuck her thats her problem, if she still wants to meet you she may be genuine! Also stop all this crazy PE!

Warghorrior, in case you’re being serious, do as Melvin has advised. The chick ain’t worth it if she’s only after a big dick. Blow her off then take a break from PE until you heal up. In that time, read more and try to understand that there is no way (short of extreme surgery) to gain 3-4” in 2 months. Dedicated but moderate PE exercises is the best route to a bigger dick.

If you’re not serious and just trolling, then you need to get a life. There’s much better ways to spend your time than firing up a bunch of dick-stretchers on a message board. For example, you could be spending this time actually getting a girl.

Originally Posted by Warghorrior
Hello, I need to add about 3-4 inches in two months. Please post the routine to achieve this. I already PEed for almost a week, but still no gains. Why?

That is soooooo funny. The only place to get a routine like that is from a pay site. Just make sure they guarantee it, that way if you dont gain at least 3 inches in six weeks you will get your money back :) . Personally, I think penis pills are a better option. Just take the pills and watch that baby groooooooooooowww.


That post may be the best ever! Broke out laughing at work, how am I going to explain this?

Go BIG or go home! 1/1/04 7" X 5.25" BPEL 6" NBP 1/31/04 7.25" X 5.25" BPEL 6 1/8" NBP

Warg , All you need is a Date with Lorenna Bobbitt , A lot of extra skin for the Grafting and 2 months to heal. But , I might add , This method is not recommended.

Originally Posted by bigblackstick

I need to gain 3-4 inches in about 2 minutes…..what exercises should I do?

Try a good blowjob. It works for me :D . But gains are not permanent


1) Go to your local gasstation
2) drop a coin in the air pump machine
3) affix nozzle on the end of your dick and inflate to the desired pressure. I recommend no more than 32psi
4) repeat daily as necesarry.

This works especially well if you have told her you can turn your dick into a french poodle.


Dude, nothing personal- but you need to start with some therapy or something first. If your grip on reality is as tenuous as your posts imply, then you need to stop thinking about forming a relationship, stretching your dick, or indeed anything except getting a firm grasp on what’s real.

1) Nobody in these forums [that I know of] has gained anywhere close to 3-4 inches in 2 months (or as Chitonan says even 2 years). It ain’t gonna happen. If it were possible, this forum would be sponsored by the corporate mainstream and have a membership in the billions.

2) Trying to start a relationship of any sort with someone predicated on something you may not have needed to lie about and then putting all of the onus on your penis to the point of wanting to remove it- this is patently delusional. Your penis is probably fine the way it is, perhaps on the small side for your tastes but hey- you’re in good company. It’s not like you’re the only one who’s ever been ashamed of the wedding tackle you were born with; however, that aspect of your life is only one of many, and letting a part of you that’s covered by clothes all day long ruin your self perception is shortsighted.

3) If the only reason this girl wanted to meet you was because you said you had an 8” dick, she’s not worth shit in the first place. She’s also probably at least indirectly accustomed to the concept of men lying about their endowments in the first place however, and if she’s a good person, you’re a good person, and she sees that you’re worthwhile in the first place then she might be willing to let that one go. But if your behavior with her is as erratic as suggested by your threats of self-castration, then again, perhaps you need to start with good ol’ you.

The penis pills I bought guaranteed me success, possibly even 3-4 inches in 3-4 months, even they didn’t make the bogus claim that it is possible to gain 3-4 inches in only two months.

Here is my suggestion, go get a ruler, photocopy it and hit the reduce buttom till it gets to about 50%, then take that photocopy to a tattoo artist and tell him you want it tattooed on the side of your dick. Make sure he starts up really close to your body and goes all teh way up to the tip. That should get you to the 8” mark. Trust me she will never know the difference.


IW8 4/2003 5.5 BPEL 4.5 EG 218 lbs 4/2004 6.875 BPEL 5.0 EG 198 lbs

Next stop 7.0 BPEL !

Warghorrior style of writing is very similar to that of someone else that used to be on the board, but maybe I am wrong.

Originally Posted by Archieone2
Warghorrior style of writing is very similar to that of someone else that used to be on the board, but maybe I am wrong.

yea i’d say you’re wrong


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