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I need to add about 3-4 inches in two months.

Most men lie about their penis size and most girls online lie about their gender :D

Originally Posted by SizedUp
she probably lied about something, possibly having to do with her penis.

“I’m not a 16 year old girl, but I play one on the Internet!”

Dude, you’re going to have to come clean with her. Either that, or delay the meeting for at least….. a couple years. There’s no way to do what you’re talking about.


I understand your frustration. We have members here who have gained surprising amounts very quickly. Their solution appears to be to use photoshop, maybe this is a path you could consider? It may even lead to a lucrative spin off. It would remove the chance of any actual sex but you could keep alive the myth of your 8”.

You guys think this guy is for real? I wonder if hes pulling our legs.

If not warg you need to take a few weeks off to heal your part. If you lost sensitivity it may be perminate.

Just tell the girl that you met someone else or something came up. Then do 3 years of PE and you will most likely have that 8’.

The Woodpile

A conversation that would go something like this may come in handy:

you: “… I’m not really 8 inches you know”
her: “Well how big are you?”
you: “I Don’t know I’ve never been bothered to check, but hey you would be pretty shallow if you were meeting me because I had an 8” dick”

And if she tell you she doesn’t want to meet you then Fuck her thats her problem, if she still wants to meet you she may be genuine! Also stop all this crazy PE!


Warghorrior, you might want to think about making more of those special hangingropes and start selling them. I’ve put a fair amount of time in constructing my hanger but it’s completely inferior to yours. With my hanger I’m only able to hang about 11kg but yours can handle weights up to 25kg. That’s freaking amazing. You can charge 50 dollar for them easily. I see ppl pay that for a piece of wood or a hose with 2 metals in them.

If you don’t want to sell them can you please send me a blueprint of your rope and the materials needed, thanks!

Originally Posted by Warghorrior
Also, since starting my PE routine, I have noticed a significant decrease in sensitivity, in addition to this my dick have gotten a darker colour. On the top of this I even think that I am starting to get ED. Help!

No doubt, with all that idiotic shit you’re doing to your dick. Stop what you’re doing and take the advice you find in the newbie forum. What you’re claiming is beginning to sound a little like BS, to be honest. I’m not trying to offende you if you’re telling the truth; but the things you’re saying that you are doing to your dick just isn’t something that a normal person would do.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Piet- i dont have a hanger, I just tie a shoelace around my dick. It hurts extremely much, but I need to gain fast, so I put up with it. The pain is not worst in the dick itself, but more in the skin above, it is like torture.

On top of this I have not gained despite my extreme hanging.

I will make a real hanger soon.

This post smells bogus to me. He’s claiming that he just started pe but is hanging 50 lbs from his yo-yo (and attached by a rope!). And then leaves a clamp on all night - but hasn’t gained yet, in a whopping week.

Piet- here I have illustrated the technique.

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No offense, but you are one of the dumbest people I have met on a message board. And that’s saying a lot.

Here’s a question for you. What’s would be worse for you, losing $200 or losing a dick? Oh, the dick is worse? Okay.

Then go to a high end whore, drop $200, and have a ball fucking her for an hour. In fact, tell her at the beginning to tell you how big your dick is throughout.

Problem solved.

Were you perhaps inspired by the meatstretch video ? He uses the same technique. You can hang twice the amount of weight with that setup than you could with normal hanging. This setup is not meant for beginners, it’s very dangerous!


I need to gain 3-4 inches in about 2 minutes…..what exercises should I do?

"The world is a one way mirror. What they see, is what you see. What do you want people to see?" Women. If you're going to swing...swing for the fucking fences. "The reasonable man insists on adapting to the world. The unreasonable man persists on having the world adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is made by the unreasonable man." "Success is not a surprise."


I was actually thinking about this. If you could somehow come up with a way to reinvent all of hanging so it were possible to hang all day with perfect circulation and then revolutionize biochemistry so that the microteals will hear up overnight I think you can do it. So, put that on the checklist. Reinventing PE and biochemistry. In two months. Chop-chop, get on that now.

Seriously though. Necessity is the mother of invention. It’ll be interesting to see what a desperate soul can come up with.

Oh yeah, if your dick can’t stand up anymore then it’s time to stop with the PE. Make an excuse to meet internet girl a year from now and you *might* be around 7 at that time. Good luck.

Originally Posted by bigblackstick

I need to gain 3-4 inches in about 2 minutes…..what exercises should I do?

Attach a cinder block to your penis, with a 60-foot rope - then toss the block off a high bridge.


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