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I need some serious advice

I need some serious advice

So I started my PE today.. Literally 20 minutes ago.. Got about 30 jelqs into my session before I noticed a lump! And a HUGE bruise.. I didnt even feel like I was jelqing that hard.. I now have my penis in my hand and I duno what to do .. (This is embarrassing) will this bruise lump go down? Cause it’s put about an inch onto my girth.. Surprisingly unwanted.


Where is the lump and what erection level where you jelqing at. The bruise isn’t that bad it will go it’s the lump that’s the concern.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I started off just under erect.. But it was going more flaccid as I went along.. The lumps just on the right hand side half way down the shaft :( the bruise is pretty much black.. Any advice on how to treat this?

Ah ok you haven’t hit nerves by the sound of it which is good.

First off unfortunatley you will have to give yourself at least a week off PE. Everything has to be clear. Best thing for almost all PE injuries is good old time out and rest. How big is the lump?

Don’t worry about the bruise too much, I’ve had that it will go quickly. Sounds like you’ve ruptured a small vessel.

Need some vets/mods in here though mate, as on the lump I cannot comment.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

The lumps seems to have calmed down abit since I first saw it.. It looks more like a big blister (if you understand what I mean by that).. Like you said I think I might of burst one of my veins or something :( .. I’ll leave it for tonight and see what it’s like tomorrow, it had me abit worried to be honest, had a flood of thoughts that included having it lobbed off in A and E.

I know injuries down there invoke blood curdling panic but they are very rarely permanent. How big is the area of the bruise?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

It’s a good couple of center meters down the shaft and about 1.5 across.. Was very painful.. Seems to have calmed down alot now I just put a warm flannel on it for 10 mins..

Oh an by the way thanks for the quick response.

That’s fine. I got injured myself quite badly for a month and know how it feels.

Gentle warm wraps help disperse brusied areas I believe.

Any ideas what you were doing wrong?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Obviously you shouldn’t PE for a little while. The body has a amazing ability to heal itself, give it some time to see if everything subsides.

Then 01/15/08 EBPL: 6.25 EG 5.10 Now 10/05/09 EBPL 7.75 EG 5.25 Girth work for 103 days.

New Short Term Goal: EBPL 8.0 EG 5.5 Lifetime goal 9x6.5 PE log and journal

Originally Posted by Lord Harris
That’s fine. I got injured myself quite badly for a month and know how it feels.

Gentle warm wraps help disperse brusied areas I believe.

Any ideas what you were doing wrong?

I think my main problem was that I was too busy watching the porn I set up for myself to keep my penis at a good level of erectness (is that even a word?) and I didn’t focus enough on watching my technique after the first 20.. I can I only learn from it and start off abit lighter next time.

Yeah concentrate on every stroke mate.

Please don’t give up on PE though. Take it as a learning experience like you said and ease up on the grip.

Like Kingpole likes to say, imagine you are jelqing an egg.

But make sure you take enough time off so all swelling/pain is gone. A warm bath or two wouldn’t hurt either. You won’t be out long.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Trust me mate a little scare like that isn’t gonna stop me from reaching my goals.. It just comes as a shock ;)

Thank you for your advice it is VERY appreciated.

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