I need some help from Extender's Users

Hello TP’s.

After taking a long break from PE, I have started again. I really like the forum because it helps me to keep motivation. So, here we go again..

Since November 2015 I have restarted PE. Manual jelqing, stretches, everything right from the beginning (Let me just say that my PE history dates from 2006, and I’ve made some gains.. Just Manual stretching and jelqs, but since then I’ve been on and off). To cut it short, I’ve got myself a self-made jelq device (Thanks TP!), a bathmate (already had it.. I guess the Hercules model) and bought myself a jes-extender (I have this very old extender since 2002, but it’s very uncomfortable and that’s why I just purchased a new one.. But I’ve been wearing the old one anyway while I wait to receive the Jes-Extender.)

My question is: I have started wearing my extender for a week now. I know that it’s kind of normal that the skin dries and breaks a little, but what I’ve been feeling is a bit different this time. I’ve been experiencing some pain at the base and mid-shaft too. Nothing really uncomfortable, but a little tingly.. Is this a sign that it could be working? And also last night I woke up with such a HARD ROCK BONER! I can’t even remember the last time my cock ever felt so hard, probably my puberty years. It felt awesome! I wasn’t even disturbed with the fact that it was 4 AM..

Any of you guys, more experienced extenders users, could tell me what are the signs that it’s actually working? What are the sensations? I know it may varies but I’m very curious about that.
And what would be good to repair the dry skin and little rashes caused by traction?? I’m using some Panthenol. It works for babies.. ;-)

I appreciate the help and soon I’ll be uploading some pics.