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i need some guidance.

i need some guidance.

hey guys, as my title says…i need some guidance.

i hit one month PE a few days ago and sadly no gains. im not too sad about this since i know most guys dont see any gains until maybe 3 month in. but ive starting to think that i havnt been stretching 100% correctly and jelqing efficiently. basically i want to give you guys a detailed outline of my routine and would like to hear what you guys think of my routine and your thoughts in general.

ive basically been following the newbie routine (2 days on, 1 day off. im a WJ person) with some fowfers and piss pulls whenever possible.

my warm up consists of warm towel (water is heated in microwave for 1:10) i wrap around my P for 5 min and reheat whenever necessary. i heard that you should also warm up your pube area? is this true?


ive been mostly stretching by overhand OK grip starting at the base. i stretch to my glans so that my skin is bundled up by my glans. i hold this for 30 secs (up, down, left, right). ive recently heard that your actually supposed to stretch differently. i heard that your supposed to grip behind the glans so that your skin isnt being stretched as much. what do you guys think? which one should i be doing?

i also feel like my P isnt getting a workout from the stretches…should it be?

now to the jelqing…

after i stretch i do not warm up my P again. i WJ using olive oil. ive recently noticed that my P head isnt always completely engorged with blood when i jelq (usually jelqed at 50-80% erect). is this okay? or should my glans be fully engorged and constantly pushed to its limit? also how important is the jelq for 3-4 sec rule? i believe this is where im messing up. also, i cant keep an erection for the entire time needed so i usually stop to excite it back up and then i continue with my jelqing.

warm down…
my warm down is preety lazy as i feel this is the least important of my routine. i basically jump into the shower and spray it with warm/hot water for a few min.

after my routine my P i guess feel kinda fatigued. i believe my skin is more irritated than anything (from all the rubbing). it hangs lower than a natural flacid for awhile but goes back to normal a few hours. once again i havnt gained anything from my routine so far except prolonged flacid length and maybe girth. despite this it at times goes back to its 2.5 flacid state which depresses me bc it shows that i havnt gained anything at all. i dont have any gage on my morning/night wood…i dont think its improved. whenever i get a hard on though it does seem thicker but than again i thought this before, but when i measured it was still the same size :( you guys can see my stats on my page (im small…real small). anyway, i will not measure again until i hit 2 months. if i measure anymore than that i know i will get disapointed.

sorry if this was kinda long but i know my friends here at thunders will help me out. i swear, if i gain i will be the happiest guy out there and i will always help newbies who have insecurities with their size bc ive been there, done that, and is still there.

thanks, friends.

anyone out there? i need someone to review my routine and maybe answer some questions!!! thanks. ill check this in the morning. night guys.

I wish Don’t let this discourage you but check the forum guidelines, your whole post is pretty messy. For a starter Give us your current measurements EL(erect L=length) EG(erect girth) and more detailed description of your routine for example step 1: 5 minutes warm up step 2: 2 minutes manual stretching ect. Then would should be able to answer you more clearly.

Thanks For All Your Help

Hey iwish6

There seems to be quite a bit that looks wrong with what you’re doing:

1. It looks like your stretches might be pulling only skin. You should pull behind the glans with as little skin behind your hand as possible.

2. You don’t need an erection when jelqing. The opposite is desirable.

There’s a lot of very detailed info on these techniques on this forum for newbies. If you’ve read them, re-look at them again and make sure you’re doing the exercises right. Click on “wiki” on the top right side of your screen and check out “Exercises & Techniques”. You’ll find all the info you need there. There are even pictures and videos to help you.

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Hi iwish6.

Ok, you got enough warnings about the forum guidelines, so I won’t warn you too. You got the point I hope.

Concerning your routine, I think there are a couple of things you are doing wrong:

The stretching - you grip at the wrong place. You should grip an inch below the glans. If you are circumcised, pull back the foreskin and then grip. Also, you may consider using baby powder or a piece of a paper towel for better grip.

The jelqing - I don’t know why jackdk told you that you don’t need an erection for doing it, it just isn’t true. But you don’t jelq with a full blown erection. 50 - 80 % is just a fine level for jelqing. The usual consensus here on Thunder’s is that jelqing at lower erection levels targets more length, while at higher erection levels it targets more girth.
But it’s not just about the level of erection. The technique is most important, you have to feel the blood moving. Experiment using overhand and underhand grip, the level of pressure you are using etc. You will need to figure it out for yourself.

But in any case, I highly recommend you look at the videos posted on the site, they are you’re best guideline concerning technique. Keep a positive mind, be consistent, and gains will come, no doubt about it.

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Sorry mods, I guess I slacked off on my proper english grammer and strayed away from the guide line rules…will do better.

Thanks for the tips. While i jelq 50-80% erect does my head need to be fully engorged?

I’ve been hearing a lot about stretching. Im all confused now! some say go ahead and grip at the base, some say grip right behind the glans, and now CHICKEN says it has to be an inch from the glans. I guess I could do all three.

As far as the grip, just do what feels more comfortable to you. Currently I try to grip just below the glands because it feels better.

I’m also at about my 1st month without any real gains. I’m not worried about it because I knew going into this that it would be a long process. Don’t let yourself get discouraged, the gains will come. Just focus on your techniques, and making sure you stick to the routine.

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