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I need some advice!

I need some advice!

Hello I’ve watching this forum for about 2 years and I now going to go for a bigger me I’m hopeing to get to about 8in. right now I’m 6in. so I know I have a lot of work ahead of me. my question is I’m overweight by about 75 pounds. I’ve read that this can can effect the size because of pad of fat infront of your pelvis. so should I work on lose weight before I start a PE program?

thanks guys for this place

NO, do both. With 75# extra you can improve your non bone pressed length by 1.5-2.0” just by loosing weight. Of course bone pressed measurements will not be affected which is why we use these to follow progress.

Lets say you have a 6” bone pressed measurement now, and have a 4” non bone pressed. If you loose 75# in a year (doable) and gain 1.5” in length. your bone pressed measurement will be 7.5” (+1.5) but your non bone pressed measurement will go up to 7.0” (+3.0”) and the fat pad depth would be down to 0.5” instead of 2.0”. Good luck and good gains to you!!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

A little help for you

Gut, I have a couple of suggestions for you.

1) From your choice of user name, “gut”, it appears that you might have a lower opinion of yourself than you should. My first suggestion is that you immediately start thinking of yourself as being thin and handsome and also picture yourself with your new bigger and more pleasing penis. You must get in the game mentally or you will have failed before you even started.

2) Next suggestion is that you do not wait for anything and never let anything get in the way of your goals. Set little achievable goals and then make a plan to get there. Follow the plan each day without fail and you will succeed. Many times we tend to find obstacles and hurdles and allow them to be in the way of other goals when you should actually treat each goal as a separate path.

3) The fat pad (which all of us have to varying degrees) will not change the course of your PE success. All that the fat pad will do is “hide” some of your penis and make it look less lengthy than it really is. I would suggest that you embark on a good reasonable diet and exercise program and simply make a life style shift. In other words, adopt the new lifestyle, out look and habits going forward. Simply stated, if you see yourself as thin and act like a thin person you will be a thin person. Don’t exclude the pleasures in life and treat yourself as a rule. Make it a plan for success.

4) Do you have a friend that you would like to look like as far as weight? Pick someone and learn how they eat and exercise. Pick up some good tips from as many of these people as you are in contact with. Make it your mission to learn how to follow the different lifestyle. Don’t wait to learn it all. Apply each thing you learn immediately. Let nothing get in your way.

Now go do it!


thanks for the quick replys!

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