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I need jelqing advice.

I need jelqing advice.

So I have been stretching and jelqing for about two weeks now. All is going very well except I do have one question about the grip whilst jelqing. I have read alot that you should be using two hands and when the first hand reaches the head of the penis the next one should move up to the shaft and so on. However when I do this my foreskin moves up with it so I’m thinking ” is all the blood managing to get to the head of the penis?”. For that reason I jelq with one hand with vaseline and this enables me to sort of keep the foreskin back a bit enabling me to get blood into the head of the penis without the foreskin getting in the way. I have gained between 0.1 and 0.2 inches now in length in two weeks so thats good so far. I feel I’m doing it right and stretching is going great but maybe someone could give me a bit of advice? Thanks. Oh yes and are there any other length exercises that someone recommends that I could use in the next few weeks?

Congratulations, 0.1-0.2” in 2 weeks is a feat.

You don’t have to use both hands together (although its better), just switch hands every couple of reps to even the pressure on your CCs.

Have you tried dry jelqing, I read that uncircumcised guys prefer it to wet jelqing.

As for other length exercises, I believe that a beginner should stick to the newbies routine for at least 90 days before making modifications, and many gain from simple stretches just fine and for far after the initial 3 months of conditioning, seeing that you are already gaining from it, why fix something that is not broken, also you shouldn’t change anything as you are already in your gaining zone, once you reach plateau, you can investigate different exercises to get out of it, take it slow, maybe if you change your routine now you will not gain.

Yeah, I have just been doing soon 1 week PE, real beginner.

But I do dry jelqs, find it much better for me since I’m uncircumcised.

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I suppose your right because if I was to use one hand only I would be putting pressure on the CCs and probably end up with a bent cock ha. The only experimentation with dry jelqing I have done is when I’m out of vaseline and I have to use the remainder that’s still on my dick and as it dries out it becomes the closest to dry jelqing but I don’t think I’m going to dry jelq for quite a while ha.

Your right if I am gaining then why change. Good point. I actually can’t believe how simple I’m doing things yet I’m gaining because I do read alot of posts where people are doing , you know like , 3 hours of this and 5 hours of that a day and all that extremely overwhelming stuff that a newbie doesn’t want to hear but literally all I’m doing is a little warm up, few stretches as in pull out, pull down, pull up V and A stretches and maybe right and left stretches . Then I do my jelqing which consists of 120 jelq’s today ( my most amount of jelqs ever ) and then stretching after is my favourite part. I’m going to increase it today to 140 jelqs.

Plus are there any newbies out there that are about two to three weeks in then let me know how you are getting on.

I’m 6 weeks into the newbie routine. So far so good; about half an inch length and girth gain (probably increased EQ but I’m sure there’s some newbie growth in there somewhere). I’m uncircumcised and leave the foreskin over the head when I jelq (no fluid build up for me).

After the first month I increased the durations of the exercises; 5 mins stretching to 10 mins, 20 mins jelqing to 30 mins. I’m trying to focus on length so do low EQ ‘V’ jelqs.

Good luck with the gains.

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Read up on our tried and true newbie routines for an idea as to how to progress (gradually) in intensity. But don’t actually change anything that you are doing yet. I now share with you a Brainiac nugget of PE wisdom: If you are getting a larger penis then you are doing it right. You are already an expert in what works for you. Stick with it until it stops giving gains, then tweak it as necessary.

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i’m uncut and i find dry jelqing to be best for me. You should give it a go

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