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I need jelqing advice

I need jelqing advice

I wanted to hear from some veterans that might be dealing with this same issue.

I have some peno-scrotal webbing (aka turkey neck) going on & it gets in the way when I jelq. I always wet jelq because it seems easier to me & I feel like I get a better session in when I do it. So how can I still jelq effectively without getting my sack in the action & making the turkey neck more pronounced?


I am not veteran but, I have a good trick for this:

When you jelq, just retain your skin with your other hand (in position for the second jelq, at the base of your dick) and/or pull down your skin with this grip (second hand). After, the first hand finish the jelq, the hand number two climb to jelq and the first hand return for grip at the base (and repeat all the time of your jelq). Just a question of timing after all (for not loose the pressure of your jelq)! ;)


Originally Posted by mr.noob

What does that mean exactly?

Originally Posted by AndyB123
What does that mean exactly?

It gets the post back into circulation, so more people will see it, and respond. At least that’s the plan.

I just hold slung back with one hand and switch hands every. Five minutes or so.

Simple solution…use a cockring on your scrotum. Pretty much anything will do….old cloth strip that is washable or an old thin sock. I use theraband tubing and just tie it tight enough to keep the skin in place but not restrict blood flow to the scrotum.

I prefer this solution as it allows me to use both hands to jelq. Using one hand only while the other is holding loose skin is a less effective form of jelqing in my opinion. I like to keep my unit stretched to full length with my “completed jelq hand” as I slowly start my next jelq with my alternate hand.

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Thanks dolphin. I was contemplating using something like a scrunchy because doing the whole ‘hold with one hand & jelq with the other’ was still kinda ineffective. I was just concerned about having it too tight around my sack that it causes issues. But since it works for other guys it should be fine for me. Again thank you all for your responses

I have had good results in preventing turkey neck just by holding my balls back with one hand and jelqing with the other.some times I switch hands every other stroke sometimes not. With a little practice you can develop a good rhythm

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So I did the scrunchee/hairtie thing & it totally worked.

My sack was out of the way & I could concentrate on getting a good session in instead of worrying about grabbing ahold of a whole bunch of turkey neck. My balls felt fine during the session & afterwards. No numbness, coldness, or discomfort.

Heck, it was even a little arousing. Which caused me to have stop stop a few times early on in my session due to a high level erection. I find that a little odd because I’ve never been into the whole being tortured/bondage thing.

Sorry, I’m getting off topic. Anyway if you have the same issue then give this a shot. Peace out y’all.

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