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I Need Help

I Need Help

Hey my penis is very long but not thick enough for it’s size, what excersices can I do to increase it’s thickness?

You can exercise your right to hit the search button :)

And search for what? I’m kinda new to this whole PE thing, do they have excersices and explanations?

The Newbie Primer should have all exercises listed and for what its function is.


It is probably best to do the newby routine for a couple of months no matter what your specific goals are. You need to condition your penis then start to work on specific exercises.

I am currently 9.5” in length and 5.25” in girth, I wnat to get to 8” is that possible?

If your talking about 8” in girth, yeah it should be possible, but you might need to spend a good amount of time trying to achieve that. Start out with jelqing for a month or two and then start doing sqeezes and clamping when you get your dick conditioned and know your penis a little better from PE. Also be aware that the gains you make in girth can very slowly go away if you don’t cement them by doing a little extra light maitenence work after you reach you 8” goal.

8” girth is enormous. Are you sure you want that? I’m pretty sure 10x8 would cause many women to run away screaming.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

That would mean a 2.75 inch increase in girth. I don’t think this is realistic to be honest. Most guys find girth much harder to gain than length, and a 1 inch increase is considered a good result. I think a more realistic goal would be to aim for six inch girth, which is still big. The most I know of is a 2.5 inch girth gain.

I’ve actually heard girth was easier to gain then length before. I hope that isn’t true for when I begin girth work…

Girth has always been easier for me.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Whats are some good excersiceas for girth?

Originally Posted by Dude123
Whats are some good excersiceas for girth?

Clamping, jelqing, pumping, Extreme Uli’s, Horse 440’s, Sadsank Slinkies, and Orange Bends. Use the Search function for details.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.


While Modesto man gave you some excellant suggestions, please please please condition your penis before doing any of them. Horse squeezes ARE NOT for newbies. Please follow the newbie routine for a month or so and get your unit in good condition before trying the other exercises. Injuries are rare unless you get in a hurry and don’t listen to good advice. You aren’t going to get girth overnight, it will take time. Be patient and do a lot of reading on girth.

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