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I need help with stretching

I need help with stretching

I have a very high angle when erect and my penis curves up a little bit, when I stretch it out I get a little more length. Anyways, I was wondering what kind of stretches I can do to get that extra length and possibly make it so my penis goes straight out when erect?

Ei bro,
Did I understood right? You want to decrease your erection angle? If so why? The upper the better no?
Maybe stretch it towards the floor, I.e. Straight down

Good luck

Leave the upward curve as it can be nice for the G-spot. Do your normal stretches in all directions for length. Your curve my reduce a bit as you continue to stretch.

Good luck

I agree with both the poster before me on this. It sounds like you have a good thing, don’t mess with it.
High erection angle with curve up for the g-spot is a good dick profile to have.

Happy gains, ;)

4Foreskin ;)

On a side note, I have a very downward curve, is that also a beneficial thing depending on the position, or is it worse to have the downward curve?

I have a downward curve also but it has never stopped me from making girls squirt. If your happy with how your penis looks that’s all that matters, so if you want less upward angle then PE will definitely lower that angle a bit at least.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG


I agree with bluray. A curve or bend only matters or is bad if it makes sex difficult or painful.

If you have a curve enjoy it. Find ways to use it pleasing the woman you are with. ;)

Happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

I assume he wants to change it for aesthetics. I’m curious how much an upward curved penis would satisfy a woman? Anyone have any experience?

Well my curve is like a rainbow, if I straighten out the unit, then I can achieve over 7 inches, but while leaving it alone it barely hits 6 inches, just to show you how much of a curve i really have. Since I am still a virgin I will find out for myself if the curve is good or bad.

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