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I need advice


I need advice

Hi all, I had sex last night with the girl that apparently had an ex for 7 years of 10 inches long and godknows how thick…

Well, now I definately believe her, she took 3 of my fingers inside her quite easily, is this normal?? This is very bad news for me because im only 4.5 inches girth. She has also had 2 kids.

I found it very hard to have sex with her cos I am also just 5.5 inches in length and it has really made me feel down and worthless.

I just wanted to talk to someone about this.

Also, if someone could tell me if there is a limit to how much tighter a woman can get from PC and Pelvic floor exercises, can she always get tighter and tighter to suit my smaller size? <——- main question.

I love this girl, so I can’t just find someone else who is tighter.

Thanks so much for your help in advance!

If you are thinking it is her ex that stretched her out, well, it is more likely her two kids.

Don’t worry about what’s in her past or your size. She is with you now because of everything about you, not just one part. You have plenty of equipment there to keep her happy, just communicate with her on what makes her feel good and learn to please her.

She should do kegel exercises just like men to improve her muscle tone and control in her vagina. She learns how to do them the exact same way, by squeesing the muscles that stop urine flow. If she begins doing these kegels regularly, she will be a different woman.

So forget about the past and concentrate on today.


You wrote “I love this girl, so I can’t just find someone else who is tighter”

You love her and you only just had sex with her last night? How long have you known this chick?

What gprent said is right. First a girl taking three fingers is no big deal, or a sign that she’s been stretched out. I could get that many fingers inside of girls (and I have thick fingers), when they were still virgins and we were messing around in the back seat of my car.

And if she is, I’m sure the kids had more to do with it than her ex.

But more importantly is she complaining? Has she said or implied that her enjoyment with you is less? And if she hasn’t, then why are you assuming that to be the case?

Don’t head trip yourself dude. Plenty of people will do that for you without your doing it to yourself.

Did you make she reach an orgasm? Well, if yes, everything is under control. If you fell insecure, two orgasms will erase it.

[---- I was 4.75" BPEL // I am 6.1" BPEL // I´ll be 8" BPEL ----]

I wouldn’t worry about any of that. Of course, if you choose to worry about her “looseness”.. well.. this IS a PE forum.

I have known her for nearly a year and half, I couldn’t give her an orgasm at all, I tried for ages. I couldn’t even thrust in and out of her cos of my length, I have to kinda grind, and I can hardly feel pressure on my penis.

I normally ejaculate quickly, but I lasted for ages because I am so thin inside her. I am below average and I feel so damn useless.

Still need to know if she will continue to get tighter and tighter untill its tight around me If she continue kegels and pelvic floor exercises, thank you all for the replies so far. Love this forum

Im just such a freak, I hate being under average :( I have injured myself from PE so I can’t do nothing about it right now, have to wait ages for it to heal, its been this way for a long time.

Just need to know the truth about just how much tighter a woman can get, If she done pc and pelvic floor exercises would she be tight to me one day? Is there a limit? Im so sorry for asking this again, Im just the kinda guy that HAS to pleasure her more than anyone else has before, im so insecure in other areas too.

hey take it easy!

how you have injuried?

Tell us more.

maybe some of the ladies here can give

some opinion on the kegels…

sure to have two childs can be a reason.

Anyway, you know that you can use some

position, so that you feel her more good…

Who are the sex guru here?

I am sure of it. Guys who is expert?

I believe for example missionary position

and her with the legs on your shoulder,

legs not soo much open…

but also other, you need a little experimentation….

And plus if you love her

dont worry: in the future you can do some PE

and you will gain for sure;

she can do a good kegel routine;

so things are going to be good

take your time….

have you tryed to pump?

Tell your pe story.

good luck and be happy!



Women sometimes do just feel that way after child birth. I’m a couple of inches thicker than you and felt the same way (like I could have fit a whole lot more) with one girl I was with who was a mother.

I appreciate all these answers, but nobody has been able to answer my initial main question.

Can a woman continue to get tighter and tighter so that one day it will be tight for me?

Thank you all so much for the responses so far though :)

i think the tightness a woman can achieve will be similar to gains a guy can achieve in pe, it depends on the woman and you have to be realistic about it. It’s possible to gain 3 inches in length and go from small to very big but realisticially this would happen over the course of 2-3 years so my guess is from how loose you described her as, it would probably take years if at all possible for her to be “tight” on you, but I’m sure she atleast won’t be as loose as she is now.

Well Im not a girl, but I do know that girls can get tighter from kegels if they do it routinely. You asked will she get tight enough for you… Well that depends. Initially I dont think a girl can go from two kids type looseness to virgin tightness, but she can significantly tighten up.

An important question to note is when did she have these kids? If it was recent then its definetly going to take some time. Another theory I have heard or been told is that a womens vagina begins to take shape of the penis that she takes in normally. I would agree with some of the other guys that have posted… her loosness is prob from the kids especially if you have been going out a year plus now, meaning the 10 inch plus dick is old news. Dont expect her vagina to be a perfect fir for your dick, but instead vice versa. She can tighten it some, but you can also fill her up with PE. If an injury is holding you back, then I suggest you invest your time in kegels yourself for stamina, and the art of foreplay…There is plenty of great info here for that.

And of course I would await some of the ladies comments because well… they know best!

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

I am gonna aim for length, because I am only 5.5 inches in length and couldn’t thrust at all, no joke.. Had to grind it in and out of her, I want to be able to use my hips and pound what I have into her, But I can’t.

Can you gain length from JUST jelqing?

Can you gain length from hanging alone?

I have read over and over about the LOT theory, but still can’t get it, So can someone please tell me SIMPLY in their opinion the angle I should be jelqing if my erection is 11 oclock’ish.

I know it depends… but what angle should I be jelqing statistically for my erection angle?

Please answer me all these questions, you have all been a great help so far!

Good luck with all your gains, hopefully read some nice replies when I wake up in the morning, Night all =)

Why do my threads never get the same interest as other threads, am I not important? :P haha.

Thanks all, sorry to nag

Originally Posted by rundown
I am gonna aim for length, because I am only 5.5 inches in length and couldn’t thrust at all, no joke.. Had to grind it in and out of her, I want to be able to use my hips and pound what I have into her, But I can’t.

Can you gain length from JUST jelqing?

Can you gain length from hanging alone?



I dont get the LOT theory either, I think its like the PE equalivant of ‘using the force’

Focus Luke! B-)

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