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I need advice for my routine

I need advice for my routine

Hi everyone !!

Firstly sorry for my English, I speak french !!

I’m not in my first time to make PE ! In 2006, I make 6 month but I must stop because my girl friend are totally disagree with this practice and accept me about my size ! But now, I’m a new single and I restart the PE SESSION !!

Everybody, PE are the best natural solution to increase your size !! In 2006 I grow up 1/4 of inch in 6 month !! TAKE YOUR TIMES !! Be patient !! Take the routine each day and mesure your dick just 1 times per month .. It will me more encouragement !!

Here it’s my Newbie Routine

5 min hot Wrap
5 min Stretch-v
20 min Jelquinq
10 min Pressure Jelqinq
4 x 30 sec min Horse
50 Kegel

MT QUESTION : What do you think about horse practice ?? It’s good or not ??

My Size : 5.9 Inch per ??

Short-term Goal : 6.5 Inch

Long term Goal : 7,5 Inch

Welcome to the forum. I would start with the newbie routine recommended by the veterans in the newbie section and work from there. I had wonderful gains in a 3 month period and have progressed to more aggressive exercises, such as clamping. Feel free to PM me if you want. We are all in this together to reach our goals. Take care.


Beginning stats 3/2010: BPEL: 6" Flaccid: 3.5" Erect Girth: 5.25

Stats as of 4/2018: BPEL: 8" Flaccid: 6 1/2" Flaccid Girth: 5.25 Erect Girth: 6 5/8"

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