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I need a stealth routine..

I need a stealth routine..

Hi everyone - I’ve been PEing for a few years, on and off, i used to have a lot of time to PE, i was jelqing and stretching each day sensible amounts..

But now I’ve got a girlfriend (and i havent told her that i PE) and i dont get a lot of time/privacy to PE, maybe the odd hour or two, can you sort out a routine for me including some exercises that mean i can continue to PE without having to knock it on the head, is it possible to gain if i PE 2 days a week?

Sorry if im not clear enough.

Thanks in advance.


Anything is possible but I think general consensus would be 2/7 days a week will not yield you the best results. My advice, do the Newbie routine in the shower, throw in more exercises or mix them up depending where you feel you are at.

Good excuses for long showers:
I need to loosen up my muscles after lifting by doing some stretches under the hot water.
I have back pain taking a long hot shower makes it much better, maybe a massage would be good once in a while.
I take the time there to think and meditate on life.
I just want to be extra clean for you.
Reduces my stress level.

PE is optimal for a hot shower, heat is your friend and that makes it a constant heat.

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