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I need a quick response from some vets


I need a quick response from some vets

I have gotten away from pe’ing shame on me and I hate myself for lettin go. I am startin up again and last night i did the manual stretches but could not get a grip I felt comfortable with. Then I jelqued for about 45 minutes. I noticed all red dots on the head of my penis and today they are like dark blotches I guess like a black and blue bruise. Is it ok to stretch and jelq tonight or did I mess up and have to wait?? Also after stretching I did not feel the strain in the ligs I usually felt after doing my manual stretches. Is that a sign that I should start hanging?? I have this bibn starter that has been sittin in my house for months now and i have not even tried it.

I would lay off any PE until you have fully healed. PE’ing on top of any form of injury or overtraining really won’t do you much good.

45 minutes for your first workout after quite some time off sounds like a bit too much, I would start out on a light routine, maybe even a beginner’s routine until you get customised to PE again. Then you can work your way back up the intensity scale.


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Ok because I know the problem is in my grip. I cant seem to get a grip where there is not all this strain on my head.

In a couple of days, start off with around 50 jelqs every day and work your way up every couple weeks. Sorry to hear about the dark spots, but it won’t really be too much of a problem once they start fading and you could retrain your dick to start handling the pressure again. Good luck with that.

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I thought those read dots on the head could be a normal side effect to stretching and jeqing?? I really wanted to pe tonight now this sets me back. Any tips on a grip for manual stretches??

Listen to Shinobi. Take time off to heal. Then get back into it slowly. Start as a beginner and progress gradually. It’s what you have to do.

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I am lookin for some real advice and this guy thinks its a joke. Forget it.

Hey Marcus,

Take the time off to heal. If you get in a hurry and start back before you should, you will only make things worse. The same thing will happen again if you do too much too soon. Take advantage of your downtime and spend some time reading. That way when you do get into your routine again, you will be a couple of steps ahead of the game. Work smarter, not harder.

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Okay, tell: When you first began PE do you remember these severe blood spots appearing, or has it only occurred now that you have started PE again?

Why I ask is that this happens with my hanging - it happens exclusively after having taken a break, and it didn’t happen when I first began PE.
I have seen a few other posts about this phenomenon - in fact, I distinctly remember one by the man himself, Bib.
As with what I remember Bib saying, my experience has been that these blood spots become very dark and bruised looking - but they ultimately fade - whether you continue to PE or decide to stop.

The most interesting thing about this is that it seems to happen to guys who stop and start again - and has little to do with the amount of time taken off.

I simply plod on through and do my best to ignore them. I am not telling you to do the same - just relating my own experience - for me, they have always gone away.


Originally Posted by CaptnHook
The most interesting thing about this is that it seems to happen to guys who stop and start again - and has little to do with the amount of time taken off.

This is so very true. I have had times where despite only taking 3 days off, when I restarted I got severe spotting.

I have found that some light jelqing in the shower will help the spots fade faster.

Yes when i first started I did not get these spots and now I do after taking time off. They dont hurt they are just dark and they are startin to go aay. I just want to be able to get good stretches because I also want to start hangin and i have to read up on that

I would say that you started up at about 3 times the level you should have. Just because you have some previous experience with jelqing doesn’t mean you can start up like a pro. You have to start like a newbie. So you go at moderate levels for 10-15 minutes and slowly condition your cock for more. So for the next month or so, build up your endurance in normal newbie fashion. Once you get back in shape you can think about doing the more intense stuff.

Too much, too soon.

Take a couple days and let it heal. Do not do any PE until ALL of the bruising/red dots are gone. I’d even wait a day after that to be safe.

Ease into it slowly.


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You have to condition your penis again so it can handle the stresses you are putting on it now. I get red spots only rarely now after a good work out, but they were common when I first started. They normally fade quickly so you have nothing to worry about. They are just a sign of an intense work out and you may need to drop down a notch on the intensity.

To be honest, I was actually pleased when I saw spots appear about two weeks ago. I modified my Uli routine then and they indicated to me that it was working.


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