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I need a briefing, what is out there

I need a briefing, what is out there

Hi everyone
I pretty much a newbie, I’m on my 2nd week of my routine:
1. Manual stretches a min in each direction
2. 200 x 3sec dry jelqs (switching from left to right every 10 jelqs, using an underhand ‘ok’ grip)
3. Finish with quick manual stretches and some strong v stretches.

Ok so far I have seen a bit of length and girth gain, and my flaccid size is much bigger and veinier now.

I would really appreciate it if you more experienced PEers can give me the low-down on what options are out there for PE, what recommendations you have, and what my expectations should be with this current newbie routine for lets just say the next 3 months?

I hear about all these ‘penis masters’, and other devices, which PE methods give best and fastest gains, my ultimate aim is to gain about 1.5” length and 1” girth, how can I get there? Homemade methods would be best since I don’t have access to all these marketed products.

Guess you can pretty much say I’m sort of lost and still trying to find my bearings and set some realistic goals to get where I want to be!

Thanks a bunch in advanced you guys, I’m sure this sort of briefing would be handy for all the newbs out there!

Continue the newbie routine for 2 more months. If you are still gaining at that point, just stay at the newbie routine
until your gains stop.Or you can try the “modified newbie routine”.
And then you can start thinking about more advanced and intense routines.

They say that hanging is best for length. I am not a hanger myself, but try it if you want. You can make an homemade hanger relatively easy and with little money.

I have no experience with static strechers, but do a search and see for yourself.

Now, concerning girth, they say that when your dick is conditioned clamping is the best. My routine for girth are dry jelqs and squeezes. Look up on horse 440(or something like that), and uli’s.
But be advised that these are pretty intense excersises, with clamping being the most intense, and although it is not definitely going to happen, there are more chances of an injury.

And yeah, I recommend going for length first, and then girth.

Thanks man, really helpful stuff!

01/06/07 Start PE: 7.5" BPEL - 6"EG(midshaft) 6.2"EG(base) - Newbie Routine (dry jelqs + Stretches)

Ultimate Goals: 9" BPEL - 7" EG - Hopefully a year from now! *Fingers crossed*

Originally Posted by mideastbeast

Ok so far I have seen a bit of length and girth gain, and my flaccid size is much bigger and veinier now.

Those are good early signs. Keep going! The Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine suggests two days on, one day off, and that’s probably the safest way to go as you’re starting out. It’s easy to get excited about early gains and want to overdo. Resist the temptation.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.


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