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I need a bigger ruler.

I need a bigger ruler.

I’m 24 years old. I’ve been overweight my whole life. It doesn’t really help self esteem, and it doesn’t make your package look any bigger. Having an office job is killer on your health so you have to offset it.

In the last 8 months I’ve lost over 40 pounds. That has improved my self esteem by a ton, but it has also allowed me to “hang”. I’m no longer a constant turtle (it happens, but most of the time I’ve got a little hang).

For those interested in the weight loss. Eat right and be honest with yourself about what you eat. I avoid fast food and eat around 2000 calories a day. I weight train 3 days a week (about 6 hours total), and walk/jog 4 days (maybe 2 hours total).

I always thought I was stuck with what I’ve been told by girls to have a small dick (I can work it and they always came back for more, but it’s discouraging). My girlfriend has no complaints but it would be a nice to improvement to our sex life which has been lacking lately (new positions!). I stumbled across here when looking for information on traction devices and I’ve been lurking around. Finally signed up because I wanted access to the hidden stuff. I’m glad I did! Like lots of you I’ve considered surgery, pills, etc.. But never wanted to try them for fear of wasting money or getting caught.

I’ve measured my dick using a 6” ruler my whole life. Usually ranging from 5.7-6 depending on my erection quality. Usually have a 4.75 EG. I’ve been pe’ing for the last three weeks or so and I’m already over the 6” BPEL and nearly 5” EG, my BPFL stretch has gone from 6.25 to about 6.6”

BTW I bottom out in my girlfriend of 6 years if I pound a little hard (thick fat pad) but we were having sex after about a three week hiatus and I had to change what I was doing because I was so deep it was uncomfortable for her. She made a crack about “you must be getting bigger!”. She doesn’t know about my PE’ing. That was VERY encouraging even if she may have been poking fun. I don’t want to make her uncomfortable, but I would love to be able to try more positions that are hard for me at my length.

I will make a progress thread when I hit my 14 day membership but I wanted to thank everyone for the information and encouragement and for having such a positive atmosphere around here.

Awesome! I also started with a 6 inch ruler that I out grew lol. You actually seem to be right where I was when I first started PE, I remember doing a bone pressed flaccid stretch back then and getting it around 6.7” and thinking, man I really hope my erect penis will make it there some day!

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

I’m having the same experience right here results are watchable in less than a month, don’t think it’s my imagination, this really is encouraging.

That’s awesome!!! I have a 7” ruler that I’ve grown out of - that’s your next step! I started at your size.

It’s a matter of time and dedication. You’ll be whatever you want to be.

Working on getting ABSURDLY thick - Latest picture - Late 2010


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