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I measured my penis last week


Ok guys,i have decided to do a new rutine:)

This is what im gonna do:

First week: 100 Jelgs a day everyday
Secound week: 200 Jelgs everyday
Third week: 300 Jelgs everyday
Fourth week: 400 Jelgs everyday

What do ya think?

15/8-2005: Erect Lenght 12,5cm:( 06/9-2005: Erect Lenght:12,5cm:( 19/9-2005: Erect Lenght:12,5cm:( 01/10-2005: Erect Lenght:12,5cm:( Erect Girth:12cm

Are you using heat before your workout?

Are you stretching also?

Jostein - I too was once in the same boat you are. Not size wise (No offense - I started off at 5.5 in. I think). I jelqed for a month, and got no gains. One solution that helped big was this: increase intensity and duration - not repetitions. So basically, jelq with more pressure, making each jelq longer, and not increasing how many times you jelq.

Also, I received amazing results with resting. I used to PE every day or every other day. After a while, I figured out that I would actually grow every week if I rested more often. So I started PEing every 2-3 days, and amazingly, I gained CEMENTED results. Yes, I gained permanent gains. I have not PE’d for almost two years, and I still have the half inch I gained in only two months! I sometimes imagine what would of happened had I stayed my course.

I’ve had similar experiences to The Real Exodus.

It’s definitely better to increase intensity not amount with Jelqs.

I went from 300 down to 200 but increased the intensity, you mustn’t increase to the point it’s painful though which is a mistake I made at first. I had a sort of straining pain in the right side of my groin so I took a week off then came back on intensity a tiny bit.

Make sure you know your limits and stick within them.

Good luck!

Re: Phallosan

It is generally a good idea to explore the Review Forum for the various alternatives to any particular product you may be interested in purchasing.

Instead of the phallosan device, as others mentioned, you can make your own ADS (see the links in Stevie’s Favorites).

There are also at least two commercial alternatives for ADS that are made by members of Thunder’s Place:
AutoExtender’s AutoADS by monkeybar
PEweights and other things by Monty530

I have used the AutoADS and found it to be both comfortable and effective. I have not used Monty’s PEweights due mostly to a personal choice.


Originally Posted by Jostein
Ok guys,I have decided to do a new routine:)

This is what I’m gonna do:

First week: 100 Jelqs a day everyday
Second week: 200 Jelgs everyday
Third week: 300 Jelqs everyday
Fourth week: 400 Jelqs everyday

What do ya think?

I’m only around 6 weeks in PE, and personally, I don’t think that’s a good idea. While I started with 200 Jelq strokes, I steadily rose it to 300. (I think I did this over a 3 week period.starting from 200, then I went to 225 to 250 to finally 300). But the idea here is to do hard, slow jelqs as opposed to faster ones. Do ones that you can really feel than quick, masturbatory ones. Quality over quantity is always the best approach. Yes, you should steadily increase it overtime, but right now, I’m staying at 300, since my dick feels a bit sore everytime. After you feel like your dick can take that number of jelqs, then increase the rep, but slowly. Also, I mix this with stretches and kegels as well, so you should do that too.

Lastly, quit measuring yourself so often. Measure once a month (preferably 2 or 3 months, but I won’t lie to you.I don’t even do that), but no sooner.

Ok bros i will start with hard jelgs instead.I will do 100 every other day:) And i only measure once a month.

15/8-2005: Erect Lenght 12,5cm:( 06/9-2005: Erect Lenght:12,5cm:( 19/9-2005: Erect Lenght:12,5cm:( 01/10-2005: Erect Lenght:12,5cm:( Erect Girth:12cm


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