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I made GAINS -&"pop" from stretching upwards?

I made GAINS -&"pop" from stretching upwards?

Hi there,

It’s been almost 6 month since I began PE and I’m super happy to announce I just hit a second big gain! Here’s what I mean by big gain. I don’t mean a certain # of centimeters; I mean a sudden increase in what I can only describe as extra shaft (maybe 0.1-0.2 inches overnight? But very noticeable especially with my small flaccid member). I believe I’ve seen referred to here before as a “pop.” Could be a coincidence, but I think I owe it to starting JAI stretches for the first time recently, after no visible gain for 5 month since my last “pop.” [sidenote: My first pop was incredible, I had doubted this whole jelqing and stretching business up until two weeks in where I woke up with a significantly longer flaccid (I would describe it as a stump rather than a stubble.)]

Anyways I am convinced that stretching has been the factor for both my pops, not jelqs. Every time I have introduced a new stretch, I have experienced this length growth soon after. From my knowledge on from the site I guess that’s my ligament and (mid?)-tunica getting that boost. Now I’m wondering if I should start stretching directly upwards, or even a JAI stretch variation in the upward direction. Would it have a direct affect on my tunica? Has anyone experienced any significant length growth from something similar to that? Also I read up on ‘shotgunning’ where hanging in random directions can be detrimental to growth so I definitely want to be careful about this (even though I’m not hanging.) Any tips or advice are welcome!


Congratulations! When it comes to erect gains, one would think that stretching upward would really facilitate this, unless you don’t point in an upward angle when your erect!?

I make sure I always do stretches upward, and when I go on my extender I make sure to have it “up” for us for quite some time as well.

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