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I´m gaining...i think. +1 question

I´m gaining...i think. +1 question

I promissed myself to not measure after being PEing for a month, but i couldnt resist the temptation after 2 weeks…I remember that first i was 13.9-14 (5,5 inch), and now i think im just over it…14 - 14.3…i think this shit is working! Anyway, im not sure i was at 100%, because since i PE its pretty hard for me to get a 100% erection without being exited (no girl, no porn).

The question is, i allways measure bpel, but im not sure of one thing: to measure correctly do i have to press with the ruler until i feel i’ve reached the bone or what? beacause if i press max to the bone i reach 15 cm :) .


Just be consistent. It’s easier to be consistent if you always press to the bone.

Please be careful with 100% erect jelqing.

No no.I don’t jelq at 100%, it was just for measuring :P

If you’re measuring with the ruler vertical, max pressed to the bone on top of your penis, you are 15 cm.

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