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I lost the hang of it

I lost the hang of it

Hey guys,

I’ve been PEing on and off for about 1,5 years now. I’ve gained about 1,5 inch by now and I’m a little over 6 inches in length. My girth has improved a little and it is now just under 5 inches at the base but the head is only just over 4 inches., which is actually 0,5 inch more then last month.

After this intro you can imagine I’m grateful for this forum and for your help! But on to the questions.

Ever since I started jelqing my erections have become rock hard! And I think, because of these hard erections, I can’t jelq right anymore. My 60% to 80% erections are still very hard (only a little softer), they just aren’t pointing upward anymore. I can still remember the first few months I jelqed, my penis was just swollen for the rest of the day, it felt great and I couldn’t hide it if I wanted to. Now I feel lucky if the pump lasts for 2 hours. Have you guys experienced the same? And what did you do about it/ do you suggest?

I also feel that last month I’ve been overdoing it a little after laying off of PE. It hurts to jelq, even at low intensity, and I experienced a black spot on my dick head (I always get little ones on the skin but they go away after 2 days/ and in case it’s a big one I massage that particular spot a little during the day and it’s away after 3 days mostly. I always lay off of PEing when I’ve got a big black spot.)

-I want my dick head to get bigger, or just an evenly thick dick!
-I want to gain in length till I reach 7 inch + (8 inch was never my goal!)
-I want my girth to be 6 inch everywhere, or a little less, I believe I will please lots of women with that girth.
-And most important: I want to feel the pump again! I want to feel it hanging!

I’m laying off of PE for another 3 weeks, because of the pain I experience, and then I want to go at it again like it’s my very first time. I really would appreciate your insight!

(I’ve also been doing a little stretching, but I’ve always found it difficult to maintain a good stretch and they always caused blood vessels to pop much more then with jelqing alone. I think until now most of my gains come from jelqing.)


I don’t understand your question. Are you looking for help in keeping your penis more flaccid, or do you just want a longer pump?

Do you warm up? That might explain the black spot if you don’t.

Also, read the thread in my signature about PE. If I recall, you should stop for 6 weeks or just don’t stop at all.

My questions are:

Have you too experienced a good, long lasting pump from PE in the beginning? Has the duration of your pump from PE also diminished? (I mean the pump you feel when you jelqed, your penis looks much bigger then, there’s more blood in it, it’s not an erection!)
If so, what did you do to get that same feeling again, the feeling you had when you first started out. Can you change your PE routine to accomplish a longer duration of the pump?

I’m assuming the pump is the increased blood flow to your penis when you had a good workout.

My warm up routine is filling a cup with warm water and then dipping my dick in it. I make sure the water feels warm to my dick when I dip it in and I refill the cup every minute to make sure the water is not cooled down for most of the warm up period. My dick spends a total time of 5 minutes in the cup of warmed water. I used to warm up with a hot cloth but I find this easier, maybe this just isn’t a good method, what do you think?

I will be laying off of PE for another 5 weeks then (I’ve done 1 week already), thanks for the reply and the tips.


Are my questions too vague? Are they answered in the forum before? Do I ask questions like an asshole?

To say my life is all about these questions would be ridiculous but these are real questions I really asked myself. I could not find any similar threads.
Maybe I answered my own questions and laying off for 6 weeks will do the trick? I would really appreciate your insights, it’s what I came here for.

Thanks in advance and cheers.

Hi Bert,

I don’t have any solutions for you, but I can tell you that I experienced exactly the same thing, and even after a long break I can’t seem to get back to that god old feeling of a blood filled penis lasting for most of the day. I find jelqing more difficult than it used to be, because my skin has been extended too much, and it seems to take more and more, and the discoloration gets worse. And I also recognize the picture of a lower hanging but somehow fully erected penis during the jelqing sessions.

Tell me, you’ve been on a break for a week now. Does that mean that you don’t touch your penis at all, or do you still masturbate or have sex or so? And how are your erections after a week? Did you see any change in size?

Start date 10th of juli 2007 - Start measures BPEL: 7" / EG: 5,25". Goal: The 8x6 (BP) would make me the happiest man on Earth ;)

My erections are still very hard and I haven’t lost size yet. I do still masturbate or, if chance would have it, have sex.

I only learned recently the skin gets stretched by jelqing, that’s a bummer. I blamed it on a bad stretching technique.

Thanks for the input, I was doubting myself and my technique.

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