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I LOST half an inch. WTF

I LOST half an inch. WTF

Yup I’m down to where I started, from 7 to 6.5 after one day of the newbie routine. Before I started the routine, I was using an extender for my gains, which was working well for me (.5 inches in 6 months). I did the newbie routine, just to explore and see if it would work better, and bam, I’m down to 6.5 again. Howwww?? Is this normal? And is it okay to mix the routine and the extender by wearing the extender as much as I can when I’m not doing the newbie routine?

Maybe your tissues was just retracting after you worked them? It happens. How soon after your PE did you measure?

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Why did you measure after only one day?

Yeah dude that can’t just happen, take my word for it.

I had the same thing happen to me last month and was caused by doing too much with too much force. A few days rest and then gradually ease back into things at a reduced level. PI is a great way to measure how things are going with your training.

Don’t worry it’s not gone forever.


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Sparkyx said it best: Your smooth muscle most likely contracted from doing too much. Check out this thread, it will help a ton: Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Once your PIs are healthy again and you regain what you’ve temporarily lost, restart your routine (presumably in a few days). Also, I suggest skipping the extender on your ON days for the first week or so. Just temporarily, long enough for your penis to adjust to the increase in intensity.

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Yeah everything above me I also agree with. I turtle up when soft but my BPEL is almost always the same. I suppose when I’m way over trained I am about .25” shorter.

Originally Posted by bluray
Maybe your tissues was just retracting after you worked them?

Yep this is what happens to me all the time. Although I never feel as if I am overtraining, I need to use the weekends to rest and let everything return to normal in order to get an accurate measurement of my progress.

This happen to me also, I wish I never loose what I have “worked” hard for. Real talk lol

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