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I losing my erection during jelq

I losing my erection during jelq

Any tips?

I’m sure there are seasoned vets out there that will offer more suggestions, but from what I’ve read, some people have to work themselves up to full erection, and then as it subsides, continue with the jelqing. You don’t really want a full erection anyway. When I jelq, I’m anywhere from 50-70%, and for the most part, I’m fortunate enough to be able to maintain that.

Porn, nasty thoughts, visualizing a sexual encounter with that special someone………whatever floats your boat!

Good luck

Started - 1/6/07 - BPEL 5 7/8" - EG - 4 3/4"

Currently - 4/13/07 - BPEL 6 1/8" - EG - 4 7/8"

Goal - BPEL - 7.0" - EG - 5.5"

Watch porn while you jelq.

Thanks for the advice reno and porn is a nice idea

It happens to all of us. Just do a few like 5 or 10 stop stimulate yourself again and do another set of 5 or ten and repeat.I repeat this pattern until I get to about 50 or so and then I break for 5 minutes and then repeat another set.

Good luck man

Yes those are good tips do some shit that can get you erected. I have a good tip too, try to go somewhere you you have a mirror and then do you you’re jelq-s and watch your dick getting fuller and fuller it’s a good way to get your self reliance! When I started to jelq whit the mirror my pride was bigger and I have a filing I’m doing it better and whit more effect. He he just try it man. Good luck to you!

When you jelk, kegal hold grip with the ok grip, slide up the shaft cahange hands, kegel, jelk, just keep doing it this way, you should not have a full erection anyway unless you kegal with a high erection.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Think sexual thoughts while you jelq to help maintain the erection.

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