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I lose erection when jelqing

I lose erection when jelqing

Is that normal? Does that mean I am jelqing in a wrong way? How do I avoid that?

If you mean that your erection subsides during the jelqing session, it is normal as long as it doesn’t happen because you feel pain or something negative while you jelq. It’s pretty tough to get used to the exercise enough to maintain constant erection level for the whole session.

My erection subsides too, after 4-5 minutes of jelqing and I have to get some of it back.

Keep in mind, that what you are after is not hardness (erection) but engorgement, so you get much blood while you jelq without facing any of the dangers that high erection jelqing includes. (Do a search on this, there are some good opinions expressed on how erection level influences the results on your penis while you jelq.)

Oh, also remember that some people cannot keep erection low enough to jelq, they seem to get super hard while jelqing. It’s all about getting used to the exercise the way it fits you. (There is another topic in this section where a guy states that he has this problem.)

Good luck with your PE.

Think of Pam Anderson for a start.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Its only a matter of time. You only need time to adapt.Do kegels


I try to do a kegel right before I grip the base, that way you kind of pump some blood in, and then trap it there with your hand. After a few reps it will be very well engorged.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think pausing jelqing for a minute to think about something to turn you on won’t have any negative effect on your gains?

Dont stop. Do the two. sometimes letting go will bring erection back


I find looking at porno magazines while jelqing helps me keep my erection the whole session.

If you masturbate a lot you will get erect when your hands are near

I gain erection when stretching, it’s a tough world…

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