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I know I know .

I know I know .

I’ve looked up a bunch of threads about red spots and I know it’s common and nothing serious and some say to keep PE’ing and others to take 1-3 days off. If I don’t PE today it would be my fifth day off. I would say I have 60-80 red spots on my head. I had about 20 or 30 on my shaft and they are basically gone now but the ones on my glans seem like they keep reappearing to their original redness almost. I’ve tried not to get many erections throughout the past few days, which I haven’t, and I haven’t masturbated at all for the past 3 days.

My dick feels ready to go for a workout but I’m wondering if I should wait until they disappear completely. What do you guys think?

Think of those dots this way. Have you ever gotten really drunk/sick and barfed so hard that the blood vessels around your eyes burst from the straining and you have little red dots around your eyes? That’s what you’re doing to your cock. I’d quit putting so much strain on it, the goal is to stretch and engorge the vessels, not bust them.

Do you warm up before?

Do a full 10min warmup per and post workout and with less force. I had some red dots (5-10 max though) when I started. I didn’t mind and just kept doing my exercises and now I’m 3,5 months in and never get any red dots.

I think you should wait untill they are gone to work it again. That is a lot of red dots.

Yeah, I realize I overdid it thechuck and understand what caused it. Before the day I got the red spots I just didn’t feel like I was getting a good stretch and obviously overcompensated trying to test my limits.

I don’t do a full 10 minute warm up or warm down every time mavadors but it is always at very least 5 minutes of warm washcloth wrap before and after, and usually more like 7 or 8, so I do warm up. About half the red spots have disappeared, the ones that remain are on the sides of the glans mostly, I think I’ll be ok in another day or two.

Well, lesson learned, now I have a pretty good idea of the forces and durations I can handle.

Was it caused by hanging?

Shouldn’t you just be recovering from another injury? What are you doing buddy, masochistic PE?

I haven’t had any other injuries marinera, what do you mean? I had a slight strain over a year ago but I found that it was non PE related. I haven’t done anything besides manual stretching and jelqing as I am new to this (only 6 weeks in). Before the spotting last week things were going pretty well and I was staying on the lighter side of the newbie routine, definitely not a masochist haha, just one over zealous workout. Things look fine today, almost all the spots have subsided.

My bad, I confused you with another newbie. Apologies.


I’d wait until they are all gone, then maybe have another couple of days off for good measure, or they are more likely to come straight back. Take it easy for the first couple of sessions too for the same reason; newly healed tissue is fragile for a little while.

Warm-ups definitely help. When I was smoking more, I got red spots easily; now I don’t, so anything that reduces your vascular integrity is worth avoiding.

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Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do Sporran, thanks for the advice. I use to smoke about half a pack a day but now I only have 2-3 a day tops, usually one after lunch, one after dinner, and one at night. I’ve been telling myself I’m going to quit completely but those few after meals are just sooo nice lol, I’m sure you know. So yeah, I’m going resume PE on Sunday and begin anew with valuable experience.


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