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I kind of gave up

I kind of gave up

I sorta gave up on doing this whole PE thing. I went for about a month and I haven’t had a session in 2 weeks. I have privacy issues, I still live at home with three people and in a small house. The only place I can wet jelq is in the bathroom. We have one bathroom lol. So what I was doing was saying that I was taking a bath, but my would take like an hour and then I had to shower after to clean up the mess! Another problem was I seemed to use a lot of Vaseline in one session and it’s gonna cost me to much money to by a new thing every two weeks but I can only use Vaseline I tried other stuff and I just don’t have as good of a session, so I quit. But I really wanna start again. I’m thinking that if I doing my warm wrap and stretches in my room which I think I can get away with and then wet jelq in the bathroom I can continue doing PE. So I have a few questions..

Is a rice sock good for warm wrap? If so can you use the same rice sock over and over?

Also can you stretch while sitting down? Or is it less beneficial?

Any words of advice or anything will help

BPEL = 6.3, EG MID SHAFT = 5inch EG MiD BASE = 4.8, Goal = BPEL 7.5, EG = 5.5- 6.. I WILL SUCCEED.

I don’t know how rice sock works. Sorry cannot help you with thtat.

Stretching is more beneficial if you do standing up. That is the right way to do. If you sit and do it, you cannot do it properly.

Listen 6.3 BPEL is pretty darn good.

I am assuming you might be 5.8 nbpel. That is good man. Your mid shaft EG is 5 inches. So you are on a good range.
You actually dont need PE. There are many people here with 6.5 inches starting length doing PE. I don’t find the point. But who am I to tell them. They are here to get some length and some of them have got it.

You can read in my signature what is my stats. I am trying to have 5.5 inches of erect length nbpel. That is all.
You are already more than me.
Anyway, best of luck.

Start: BPEL: 5 inches, EG:4.5 inches, NBPEL: 4.5 inches

Goal: BPEL: 6 inches, EG: 5 inches. NBPEL: 5.5 inches.Start Date 22nd Feb 2009.

"Oh baby, I love your naivete!".

Dude, I really sympathize with you.

Guess privacy is usually the biggest issue that drives people away from this.

Anyway, one question. What lubricants have you tried so far?

A rice sock is perfect for a warm-up, and yes you can keep using the same one over and over. Maybe after a month or two you could switch out the rice, but it doesn’t really matter. As far as stretching in the sitting or laying position, I feel that as long as you are applying consistent pressure there shouldn’t be a problem getting a satisfactory stretch. Good luck and good gains to you in the future.

If you get invited to your first orgy, don't just show up nude. That's a common mistake. You have to let nudity "happen."

Try shaving cream or baby oil, I find them to be cheap lubricants that get the job done. You can’t give up, your name is I will succeed lol.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

You can warm up with an IR lamp.

If you have privacy in your room do all your PE there then go to the bathroom to clean up. At least do all your stretching there.

I use a small electric heating pad to warm up. It should only cost about 15-20 dollars. This way you don’t have to explain what your doing with a sock full of rice.

I also use Curel body lotion for wet jelqs. It is easier to clean up and good for the skin.

I hope this helps. Happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

This is a waste of water, but do a warm up in your room, lock the door and keep the shower on while you do it, they’ll think you take real long showers or are masterbating, but it’s a little easier than saying your doing PE


With a name so full of determination, things need to become better. How about dry jelqs? There are many who have reported tremendous gains using dry jelqs and stretching.

Remember who you are. You didn’t take that name for nothing.

Good Luck


That sounds tough.

Originally Posted by iwillsucceed
Is a rice sock good for warm wrap? If so can you use the same rice sock over and over?

Also can you stretch while sitting down? Or is it less beneficial?

Any words of advice or anything will help

Rice sock is good for warm wrap and you can use the same rice sock over and over.

I have done 90% of my stretching sitting down. Hasn’t affected the results, infact I think it has helped the results.

Any words of advice? Dry jelqs. No mess required. ;)

Thank you all for your advice and uplifting. I have tried only a few lubricants, the obvious Vaseline, baby oil and just regular hair conditioner. Both baby oil and the conditioner gave me terrible sessions and I felt I got nowhere. With Vaseline I feel I am accomplishing much more. I see better expansion and it just looks full of blood, I don’t know if that has anything to do with Vaseline but that’s what I experience. I might look into different lubricants if I can’t use one container of Vaseline for more than a few weeks.

I will now start doing my warm wrap with a rice sock. The heating pad and the IR lamp will be my alternatives if the rice sock doesn’t work out.
I will also experiment with stretching sitting down, laying down and see how they compare to standing up.

About dry jelqing, I’ve tried before and it seems to hurt? All the skin is pulled forward making it a real hassle so I always figured those were out of the question for me.

Once again thanks for all your replies and comments. I will have one more go at this, and I will succeed.

BPEL = 6.3, EG MID SHAFT = 5inch EG MiD BASE = 4.8, Goal = BPEL 7.5, EG = 5.5- 6.. I WILL SUCCEED.

Try olive oil for a lubricant.

With Dry jelqs, the skin which is pulled forward is supposed to be pulled or returned back when going for the next stroke. The hand doesn’t drop contact with the skin. The grip becomes a light contact with the skin while returning for the next stroke. A lighter grip for the upward stroke may be beneficial. The process should not hurt or create pain.

Good luck!

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