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I just want to be avarage


I just want to be avarage

I’m small down there and very insecure about my size. Limp I’m a little over 3”,hard I’m 5” but when I push the fat pad back I’m just under 6”. Do you guys think it’s possible to be 6” or 6.5” without pushing the fat pad back? I’m going on a strict diet and going to do a lot of cardio to reduce the fat pad. I came here to try this out to. I am going to be dedicated to this. I’ve been reading around the site here and all. Also I am wondering if your girlfriend gives oral sex to you everyday if that could increase it, just wondering because my girlfriend is in a different country right now and tells me she will do that and it’ll make it bigger. She is also the reason I want to increase length she thought 9” was average. If any changes to length will they be permanent or do you have to keep doing the stretches and exercises? Either way I will be dedicated to this. Thanks all.

Good Luck!!! 9” Is average?! LOL

6.7" BPEL , 5.2"EG Clamped (That Massive Cock Head is making me nuts!!!)===> 30/12/2015 Measurment

Dude you’re average now. But hey if the GF wants to suck your cocky daily,’re in fucking heaven already. You’re a lucky guy.

Great to have a GF anyway:) Didn’t have one for ages and I am now 30:) LOL

6.7" BPEL , 5.2"EG Clamped (That Massive Cock Head is making me nuts!!!)===> 30/12/2015 Measurment

Thanks guys, but is 6.5” possible?

I think that is a real and acceptable goal and reachable within a few years of dedication;)

6.7" BPEL , 5.2"EG Clamped (That Massive Cock Head is making me nuts!!!)===> 30/12/2015 Measurment

:) I’d hope so I’m going to read a lot more before I start. Also will results last even after stopping?

I would think you could quite easily make 6.5 with the newbie routine and fat pad loss, and of course getting your cock sucked everyday. Has your girlfriend got a sister?

Nov 2009- 5.5 bpel - 4.3 mseg ------ Jan 20012- 6.75 bpel - 4.7 mseg

Short term goal 7 x 5

Goal 7.5 x 5.5

I’ve been told that if you stop it’ll go back down like working out any other muscle. But once you get it to the size you want, you wouldn’t have to work it that hard to maintain it.

Originally Posted by donkey23

Good Luck!! 9” Is average?! LOL

Thanks!! I know she hasn’t been really sexual in her time, so she thinks huge is average. LOL

9”? Sounds like a shittest to me.

A certain type of woman will wound you and see how you handle the pain.

I’m too old for that. If you need her pussy that bad then bash on.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Same here op. Bone pressed I’m 5.7 inch

Yes, 9”s is average. :rolleyes:

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Yes, 9”s is average. :Rolleyes:

Hey I know it’s not,it’s just what she thought.LOL

She may think 9” is average, but it may just be a number that she heard. What size did she think you were before you told her the number that you measured properly? Maybe she thought you were 8” or more? Its hard to compare a real life measurement to one that is hearsay.

My girlfriend was “certain” that average penis size was 7” based solely on what she heard. She never took out a ruler and measured any previous partners or me and when asked, couldn’t guess at how long I would actually measure… she would just say she thought I was much bigger than average, yet the fact is I wasn’t bigger than 7” at the time. She had no idea what size I really was or what 7” should even look like, or even how to measure. It was just a number to her.

I think measuring accurately and compare those measurements to the unfounded guesses and hearsay is ridiculously impractical and counter productive.

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