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I just want a bigger flaccid

I just want a bigger flaccid

Hey guys whats going on. Like anything in life, we all have different goals when it comes to PE.

I’ve reviewed the newbie routine along with other exercises. I notice the greater populations of this board are seeking gains when erect.

I’m around 7 inches long erect, around 5 for girth. Nothing big, but I’m satisfied. The thing that bothers me is that I’m a real grower, with an average of around 3 inches flaccid.

I’ve tried jelquing and am not quite fond of it, and since it seems to help erect gains more, would like to know if it’s ok to skip the jelquing. I just want to stick to simple stretching exercises since I can do them while on the computer or watching tv lol.

Anyways my goal is to get flaccid length gains. Would it be cool to stick to streches and skip the jelqs. Anyone else have any additional input would be much appreciated

It depends how serious and dedicated you are. Jelqing is the bread and butter of PE’ing. I wouldn’t suggest skipping it. You’re already pretty big just starting out, so it’s up to you. For bigger flaccid hang, you could try cock rings, fowfers, dry jelqs ect.

Yea basically all I’m looking is for a bigger flaccid. To be honest, I really don’t like jelquing and am not THAT into PE. I wouldn’t mind doing the stretches as I heard that they are they key to a bigger flaccid. I just want to know if there is even a point to just stretching and no jelquing.

Fair enough, that’s a reasonable goal. Stretching will help, but over time it might increase your overall Erect Length. Many people give good reviews using cock rings for 1-2hrs after a workout session. In your case, you could skip jelqing. Keep in mind though, others on this forum have mentioned dry jelqing can increase flaccid length. Good-luck.

Thanks for the feedback! I was just wondering if jelquing was a mandatory practice to see gains.

Kind of like how in weightlifting, you don’t see much gains unless you stick to the core excercises.

But if I can see some results without the jelq thats ideal

Thanks again

Jelqing helps with the overall health of your penis. Why not do it ?

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Hmmm. I don’t think you can get one exclusively without the other. If you want to stretch alone, then go ahead. But if you want a healthier and soon bigger penis, then jelqing is the way to go.

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Well I want longer flaccid too and I think stetching devices help. They helped me a bit.

In addition to stretches, consider Fowfers and Bed Fowfers.

Fowfers and bed fowfers.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I suggest an all day stretching device.

Condition your penis, then do some 1 on 1 off clamping routine your flaccid will look much bigger.

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Originally Posted by danb1875
Many people give good reviews using cock rings for 1-2hrs after a workout session.

Dan, what do you mean with that? I often use cock rings to make the “worked look” last longer. Do you think that this would entail some flaccid growth? (I’d be delighted).



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