I just started today

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to say hi to everyone, I just started today and I’m really excited about it. This is my first post, so this post is an introduction to who I am, and just about me in general. This post has a lot of personal information about me, which I normally don’t tell anybody, but I feel like I can trust this community.

I’ve been reading a lot of posts, and I’m really glad I found this site. I really like the community and I love how everyone is so accepting and helpful. I’m 21 years old, 5.25 BPEL and 3.75 EG. When I’m flaccid it’s pretty embarrassing, maybe like 2 inches or less. Especially when I’m cold it pretty much goes down to like, half an inch. I have always felt like I was small and there was nothing I could do about it. I have always wished I was at least in the 6 inch range so I could be average. I’ve been with my girlfriend for 4 years, and she says that she likes my penis the way it is and that she thinks it’s big. She says that if it was any bigger it would be too big for her (she’s 5” tall so it could be true). I feel like she does mean it, but to me it really isn’t big enough. Not to mention we are each other’s first for everything. We’ve been able to make love a few times, but only with her on top. Doggy style is supposed to be easier, but I am never able to get it in. Although she seems pretty satisfied with the other sexual things we do (oral and things like that), I have always wanted to be able to make love to her and satisfy her in that way. We are very happy and very much in love, we plan to get married and I feel like someday it would begin to bother her if we are unable to have sex (even though she says it wouldn’t). We’re both overweight, so that could be part of the reason its so difficult, but we’ve been doing strict dieting and losing a lot of weight lately. I’ve lost almost 50 pounds so far, but since I’m going through a huge weight loss journey I felt like it would be a great time to start on a PE journey.

I had heard of jelqing before (in one of my many internet searches for penis enlargement), but I had never really felt like it would work. Just a few days ago I happened to see something about something called the Penis Advantage. I did some research about it and realized that they were selling information about jelqing. I read a lot of people talking about how it had worked for them, so I started looking up information about it and looking for a forum. I found a few forums, but I wanted one with active members. I ended up finding Thunder’s Place and I knew I found the right one. Everyone here is so supportive, and I just think it’s really cool that you can talk about your penis and not have to worry about other guys with big dicks laughing at you. I have avoided public showers and once I even showered in swimming shorts (lol).

My short term goal is to get into the 6 inches, and for now my long term goal is to be 7 inches (although if I got there I’d probably go for 8). For girth I’d be happy with maybe 4.5 EG. I know this was long, and if you took the time to read this then thanks for reading :) . I look forward to being a part of this community, learning from all of you, and hopefully someday being happy with the size of my penis / not be embarrassed by it.