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I just started this again.

I just started this again.

I haven’t been PEing this year sorry to say, just due to lazyness I quess. So I took some new measurements today while watching different types of porn (just to mix it up a bit), and I have noticed that I’ve lost about .3in in length but my overall girth had increased about .2in. Now before I started PEing I was naturaly 7.2in NBP and 5in overall girth. With the new measurments I took today surprised me. I didn’t think that I could lose just a little of my natural length from not PEing in about 7 months. When I started PEing I was off and on for 6 months just jelging then for no reason I stopped, then comes the new measurements today. I think now I should take it more seriously so I can reach my new goal. I would like to gain girth and lenght at the same time if possible.
My question is should I pick up the newbie routine with 1 day on,1 day off or should I just go all out with a strong jelg and stretch routine.

Thank you for taking time out to help me TP peeps.

My stats: NBP= 6.8, BP= 7.1, EG= 5.2, FS= 4.0, BPFS= 4.3, FG= 3.8

My goal is NBP 8.0 ,BP 8.5, EG 6.0

You would do best to do a short newbie routine to condition your dick. then you can carry on as you left.

But just take it a bit easier for a while.

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