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I just browsed some threads on here regarding the fat pad

I just browsed some threads on here regarding the fat pad

And I see multiple guys claiming to be less than 12% body fat and still having a fat pad over one inch. I mean, really? Please don’t take this to heart but if your fat pad is still that thick, you’re not lean enough.

The average fat pad can’t be more than half an inch. I’d love your input on this.

One more thing, to all the guys claiming to be less than 12%, are you getting this measurement from a dexa scan?

“A DEXA scan is a special type of X-ray that measures bone mineral density (BMD). DEXA stands for “dual energy X-ray absorptiometry”. This type of scan is also often known as DXA, or “dual X-ray absorptiometry”. It's also sometimes referred to as a bone density scan or a bone densitometry scan.”…troduction.aspx

“Well, a DEXA scan is the only way to accurately measure body fat while you're still alive. An autopsy is the other accurate way to measure body fat percentage. As Wikipedia notes: Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA, previously DEXA) is a means of measuring bone mineral density (BMD).”…fat-percentage/

I can believe most people are in fantasy land with their body fat percentages, but I do believe fat pads vary from person to person no matter the fat percentages of their overall bodies.

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