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I have very low testosterone, should I start jelqing?

I have very low testosterone, should I start jelqing?

Hey guys first post here. I am really eager to start my journey on having a bigger dick, but wait there’s one problem! I actually have a pituitary tumor that messes up with my hormones and at the moment I have zero ( if I do have some now it’s very low) testosterone.

The thing is I can still get 85% the erection I could in the past so that’s not a problem. (With the help with naked pictures of women. One problem that I can think of is that I don’t get morning wood so I wouldn’t be able to use that as a reference on whether I am doing a good or bad job with jelqing. I know this is a tricky question but with the above information do you think I could start jelqing with low testosterone with no problems?

Yes, commence.

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Hi Dairy008, Done properly Jelqing won’t have any negative side effects. Follow this link to some video demonstrations on how it’s done. I would also look into doing a full blown “Newbie Routine”.


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