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I have some

I have some

Hey all,

I was just wondering how many jelqs and stretches should I be doing if I am almost finished with my third month?

I started very lightly with like 30 jelqs and no stretches, then I added stretches (up, down, right, left, BTC) 30 seconds each.

Right now I am doing 100 jelqs and three sets of stretches but I feel like it is not enough because I haven’t gained any length and just 1/8 in girth, my flaccid hasn’t improved and my EQ improved at the beginning but now it has gone down to pre-PE quality. I know that gains take a while to come and I don’t want to overdo PE, but to make things worse I think I even lost 2 millimeters though I am not sure.

Any help would be really appreciated cause I really don’t know what to do and I am kind of confused. Thanks in advance.

Increase it by x amounts and see how your penis reacts to it and change accordingly.

You say you lost length and erection quality while doing PE. This shows you are over-training and should re-evaluate your routine. Take it a bit easier.

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