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I have screwed up and I need advice.

I have screwed up and I need advice.

I started the jelqing regime about 4 months ago, for two months I jelqed for 3 days per week, then after two months I began to jelq 2 days on 1 day off.
During these months I gained mininal length gains if any, but the width gains were very noticeable (probably 1 or more inch gains). Until 5 days, I never used warm up techniques or stretching exercises. As I said I started warming before jelqing and doing stretch exercises, after one session I had good results, better width and blood flow, also stronger erections.

I got greedy and I messed up.

Yesterday, I warmed up with towel for ten minutes then I started stretching. I would hold my glans and just pull hard for few minutes in different directions. I felt my ligaments were strained by exercises, but I paid no mind, I thought it was normal. After I jelqed for 45 minutes, nothing else happened that.

What I was noticed was that I couldn’t have erections, without any manual stimulation and even those erections were weak and not very hard. It is also hard to maintain erection or even start it, though I can have an erection during masturbation. Luckily it seems I have still feeling and sensations in my phallus.

I am worried, should I stop stretching or should continue with my current regime? Is this damage permanent or not? Is this an penile injury or something else?

You have done a little over training with some probable minor injury. Don’t worry, you will recover. Take a few days off to let everything get back to normal and when you start up again, go back to taking it easy and use moderation.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

A lot of this ‘hysteria’ going on these days IMO, anyone entering into this should read, read and then read some more on how to do the exercises and how they may affect your units. And for heavens sake learn to not rush it, this takes time and dedication like nothing else something many learn the hard way by dreaming of gaining big in a short time which very rarely happens unless you’re genetic freaks.

It’s normal to over train initially and many only make adjustments after some sort of injury.

I know I did.

The good news is that we heal up and make adjustments and learn to gain.

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Yes, take a few days of rest. And apply daily heat to your unit, about 10 mins. Helps healing.

I guess you simply stretched too hard. Try to use less force, it dore not grow faster if you tear it out of your body until all ligaments crack!

Another trick is to jelq first and stretch after. Sure, you must then clean your dick to remove the lube from jelqing. And then use some baby powder to get a good grip.

And always warm up and warm down. This really helps against injuries.

Go safe, go slow!

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