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I have not been sticking to my schedule

I have not been sticking to my schedule

Hey guys recently I was on my routine that was giving me good gains but now I have had to go to a funeral and live with my grandma for a week and I have not been able to follow routine through. Then when I came back I have had to make for all the stuff I have missed while gone so now I can hardly pe. Will this make my penis shrink since it’s been a week?

I went home for break fo a week and did not find the time or the motivation to PE.\

I thought I lost a Little bit. But now I am back on track, so you should be fine.

If you get back into it, you will be fine, I took a week off for a fishing trip and didnt lose anything.

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Yeah it should probably return to flaccid size. :D

Just get back to the grind and you will be fine, sometimes it’s good to take some time off as long as it’s not to often and you get right back to work.

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