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I have ED: Hopefully just temporary

I have ED: Hopefully just temporary

Hi Guys! (Sorry because of my English I’m from Hungary)

I’ve started the PE about 2 month ago(newbie routine). After 1 month I’ve ordered a Autoxlevee vacuum hanger, I tried by 1 kilo for 10 minutes only once, and when I took it off, my cock was white, absolutely ran out of blood, looked dead, it doesn’t look the same since.
It was about 3 weeks ago. After I had 3 times sex with my girlfriend, but in the last week my cock is paled, much more smaller than it was before and cold, honestly it looks horrible, I can’t get it hard at all, not even with my girlfriend. I have to wrap it if I don’t want to feel the cold in my pants, when I shit on the toilet some blood run into it but few minutes and gone:(
Probably I damaged an artery or tissues, I don’t know.
I’m really desperated, I can’t sleep, eat etc. Typical stress symptoms.
Can anyone help me, or did anyone has the same problem? Any suggestion!

Thanks for everybody who help!

Don’t use your hanger until your cock returns to its normal coloration, feeling, and function. After that, maybe don’t use a hanger; instead go back to the Newbie routine, starting fresh?

You’ll return to normal. Meanwhile, relax. Start eating again. Spend time with the GF and friends.



Is there any pain, does it hurt?

There seems to be quite a few of these dubious posts, your penis is not going to turn white unless your out naked and you slip in a snow bank. Hanging 1kilo is not going to harm a squirrel.

Thats why the standing advice is to take at least a few months ideally 6 (until newbie gains are stalled) to condition your penis properly before hanging.

You should see a doctor now! It would put your mind to rest. And don’t do PE until you’re fully recovered.


It doesn’t hurt, and no pain, mostly it’s numbed. Unfortunately it was white for couples hours, like I’d go out naked and slip in the snow. Probably I shocked my penis. Not the 1 kilo weight was the problem, or I don’t know:( Thank for the replies!

Fortunately 10 days later I can say it’s healed, but not the same than before.I have new veins on the surface of it, a little bit bigger flaccid, but the texture softer. Long story short it’s working now, tested on my GF :)

Thanks for the help, I appreciate that!

It sounds your penis is… better than before! Just don’t go injuring yourself on purpose.

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