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I have big Problem

I have big Problem

I have been going PE for like a year. I got a pump about 5 months ago, I pumped for about 3 I think and then somethin bad has started to happen. My penis gets cold during the day it starts getting cold from the tip of the head first. When I grab it in my hand it is much colder than my fingers and it’s like theres no blood in it, very wierd. It’s harder to get hard a bit, when I do it gets worm again like normal but the bottom shaft of the penis the one under your dick doesnt get blood into it so my penis isnt as thinck as it used to be. Everythin is fine when I’m sleeping usually my penis stays worm but it’s once I get up the penis starts like not get blood into it. I stopped PE for like 2 months now and the problem hasnt gotten better. Anyone know somethin I can do to get the blood circulation back to normal in my penis?? Thx

Kegels help with circulation. But I’d say if it doesn’t clear up soon you should see a doctor about it. Lack of blood flow to any part of the body isn’t a good thing. Try kegels for a little bit first.

Does it have a darker purple color to it or is the coloring the same as normal? (Well unless a darker purple color is normal, like BG’s)



How long did you usually stay in the tube (continuosly)?

At what vacuum level (negative pressure)?

How is the coloration of your dick, does the glans look normal?

It seems you have a trombosed (clotted) vein that is impairing circulation to certain areas of the penis. Have you seeked medical help? Please consider going to an Urologist.

I think you should see your doctor about it a.s.a.p.

Maybe a little jelqing for a couple weeks (not too much) could help restore circulation with some kegels. Jelqing is a PE excersize that partly works by increasing blood circulation over time. Maybe try doing doing a nice jelq stroke with about 50-70% erection and hold the blood in your head/glans when you reach the top of your stroke so you let the pressure hit directly on the glans/head where your problem is. Do this for about 10-mins each day should help… If not go to doctor.

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