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I have a question

I have a question

I was wondering, my penis curves down alittle, even when fully erect

Do you know how to fix this or what has caused it

Top right had corner ‘Search’ button, very usefull :)

(The search icon should be a smilie)

Also you may just have soft weak erections. If so, do lots of kegels (slow kegels, long kegels, quick kegels) in repetition until your so called PC/BC muscle fails, this will greatly help with creating rock hard erections that will correct the curve you are talking about… Also I never researched these techniques/excersizes, but I know here at Thunder’s if you use the search feature and search for something like bends in the titles of the posts, you will come up with stuff like Orange Bends, DLD Bends, etc which could probaly help you in your dillema. But I would also warn you that some of this stuff that people here have come up with here on Thunder’s is very new (only around for a couple years) so be very careful if you choose to go threw with doing one of these bends. They may be too advanced for you until you have the basics down like stretching, jelqing, and kegel excersizes. Each one of those basic excersizes actually has many subexcersizes for advanced PE’rs when they are ready. As for the PC/BC kegel excersizes, they are absolutely fine to do at any stage, and they will promote a healthy penis!

I curve a lil to the left.I think all guys curve I’ve asked all my buddies

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