I have a question about my routine and some PI's

Alright so I’ve been peing for about two months, when I started two months ago I did about 3 sessions with in two weeks, and I’ve just begun again this week. I do it every other day and here is my routine:

5 minute warm wrap
5-10 minute stretching
10 minute jelqing
5 minute warm down sometimes.

First off id like to say I think I have an odd hand grip for my jelq and would like to share it. Instead of the normal ok grip that people use I decided to try the suggested pinch hold which focuses on girth. Alright so I basically use in between the thumb and index finger and I come at in from the top, fingers point down and palm facing towards me. So I squeeze from the sides which is said to help with girth. The reason I’ve altered the pinch grip is because one of my hands was in the way of my penis while jelqing and occasion my penis would turn on it’s side therefore reducing the effectiveness of the pinch grip and I could never really see if I got it right or not. Anyway this way is better and seems to work, I can see my penis at all times. But something I’m worried about is that unless I have almost a full erection (which I don’t want to jelq with) the base of my penis doesn’t feel any pressure especially when I start my stroke. And it feels like I can either apply full pressure or it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. There doesn’t seem to be an intensity level for me, it’s either squeezing as hard as I can or not at all. And by the way squeezing as hard as I can doesn’t mean trying to rip my dick off loll I just press till it feel like I can’t bring my fingers any closer together and then I keep that for my stroke. It makes my penis really thick and full when I’m done and my erections and everything seem to be fine but after last nights session which was my third this week, I have felt a little bit sensitive down there, kind of a dull pain any thoughts or advice?