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I have a hardware question

I have a hardware question

Afte reading the posts of Bib it entered my head that I have to try an uli thing to help my girth gains.
The fact is that here in Italy, Rome I can’t find the basic things necessary. I am not italian and maybe these could be the cause but at least I know hardware shops don’t have tubes of a 2” diameter ( I asked all of them in my neighbourhood). One of them adviced me that I should check out a “vivaio” which is a place or a shop where they are dealing with gardens and plants and propably they are gona have tubes large as that. Well what do you think of this? Do you have an idea if these things could be appropriate? I am asking to save me a travel because these kind of shops lie outside the city.
The other problem, is that the hoses I found in hardware shops are only of this only metal type and are very small for an uli thing. Maybe I could cut them and attach male and female ends near the end of the ring I am supposed to make but they are all metalic and this makes a problem and the other problem is that the female end has no holes and I should have to drill but how I am supposed to do this on a small piece of metal like this?
And finally I believe attaching this to the ring could also be a problem too. (how should I do this?)

If you have any ideas please give me a tip and if someone from italy happens to be on this board could he propably help me out with this?
Thank you.

If you have a hose clamp that tightens small enough you can improvise the rest. I use a short wrap of Theraband (about 2” wide and goes around about 2.5-3 times) with a piece of wide, fairly stiff suede leather wrapped tightly over it. The leather is only long enough to go around once and overlap slightly. Then I attach the hose clamp.

I began using this just to try out a Uli thing, but it worked so well I didn’t bother making one out of tubing.

Thanks for the input. But could you take a photo of it and put it on the web so I could understand better? And also of theraband if you could find me a link with a photo on the web as I don’t know what exactly that is.

Send me a camera and I’ll post a pic. ;)

You could use a swim cap, cuff of a rubber glove, or anything else stretchy for the underwrap. I haven’t tried cloth, but it might work.

And over this the metal hose? Ouch!

I am afraid it’s gona need more than that.

I am gonna search for a tube or something else. The problem is that needs to be stiff yet a bit flexible and formed in the right dimensions -ring with a 2” diameter, 1” wide and 1/4” at least thick. I will keep on my quest of the holy uli thing, hehe.

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