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I have a Few questions

I have a Few questions


Ok I have measured two different ways. From the Top of the penis BP and from the side of the penis BP. I want to measure the length that goes inside of my girl. Would the side of penis way of measuring do this better than placing ruler on the top. I feel on the top you lose some of would normally be going in.

I personally like to measure to the side during all occasions but can I call that an accurate measurement?


I just want length and not girth . I’m currently somewhere like 7.5 to 8 depending on EQ. When EQ is at 10/10 it was 8 inches. Hard to obtain but working on getting consistent rock hard boners. Is there an exercise called Tunica stretches if so can I get a link. I am doing a bunch of other stretches as well. A stretches, Rotational stretches, JAI stretches (before urinating). As for Fowlers. How long am I supposed to hold that stretch. One minute ten or twenty I see different things from different people.


How do you know when you turtle cause after a session my flaccid hang can very from 4 to 6 inches but it never sucks all the way in. It looks small though sometimes. When I do a PE session should my hang immediately after be longer and fatter or does that depend on the person?

Wow , which question is the most important one to you ? You measure from the top because your pelvic bone stops you from going deeper in the vagina. But if you wanted to, you could measure from the penile bone at the base of your spine . :)

Lol Ok the exercise question about Fowlers I guess would be the number one question. Sorry I just want to do things right you know

From what i have read after 4 minutes of a stretch held at a certain fixed position it relaxes and is ready for another gentle stretch . Read marinera thread on stretching tips and rootsnatty thread on stretch or stress relaxation . Just look up their names then go to the threads they have started.

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