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I have a 4.5" is that too small, what can I do

I have a 4.5" is that too small, what can I do

I have a 4.5” erect penis is that too small? I’ve seen the videos, but I will like to know which of them should I use first, how many minutes a day and how often. I just bought the andro-penis on e-bay. I only pay $199.00 for it including shipping, but I also want to start doing some of the most popular exercises you guys practice her. So which one will you recommend?

I thank you all in advance for the tips.

Start with a simple newbie routine. You can do a search for one using the search button at the top of the page.

Or, you could do what I have been doing which has helped me gain about 0.2”-0.3” erect bone pressed.:

5 minute warm up (warm towel, water, IR lamp)
10-15 minutes of stretching
150-200 jelqs
5 minute warm down

People have also speculated on doing an ice down after your workout. Basically you will take some ice and put it near your ligaments and let them cool off, but I am unsure on how affective that is.

Good luck on you gains and,

Welcome to the boards!

Start with the first thread in this forum, the one titled “Start Here” it gets you off on the right foot with a lot of good info including a newbie routine. Also Newbie Routine also has links that detail some different stretches and so forth.

Oh, and read, read, read :)

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What do you guys think about the Andro-Penis. It’ll be similar to stretching right?


Suble, do you follow that routine everyday?

Hi Giancarlo,

Welcome to the forum.

The Andro-Penis is a stretching device. It’s simply that it does the hard work of stretching rather than you pulling .

Most of the criticism directed at the AP is the noose that goes over your shaft where it meets the Glans, It is fairly narrow, and could cause problems. by pinching when the pressure of the stretch is ratcheted up.

It might be worth experimenting with some sort of cushion, It’s difficult to say exactly what as your penis is unique to you and what would suit someone else may not suit you.

However it would be worth trying some sort of sleeve - even a folded handkerchief might be something to start with to see how it ‘fits’ you particular dick. Not too much though or it will slip off. Or rather, your dick will slip through it.

So you may have to use a little ingenuity or, indeed, if you are lucky you won’t notice any problem and can brave things as they are!

However It would be wise to start the Newbie routine mentioned earlier in the Thread, rather than charge off into an advanced routine, Mainly so that you can get used to what your dick will take and how it will react to the unusual treatment it’s going to get.

Hope this helps. Do come back if you have a question, and Good Luck with your Pe-ing!.


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What was yguys routine


:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

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