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I have 10 inch penis now!

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

I turned your spell checker back on, as you seem to have a real aversion to following the Forum Guidelines. It’s a shame that the forum doesn’t have a bullshit checker too, else I would turn that on for you also.

A bullshit checker? That’s a marvelous idea! What do we need to do to get one here?

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Originally Posted by jelqfanatic
Of course it is extreme but how else are you supposed to gain. Stretching simply does not put enough stress on the tunica. I see about .2mm BPS FL every time I wring my dick out good and hard. Just imagine doing this year round. May have to start wearing my penis as a belt.

I don’t know about wearing it as a belt.. But when I was working construction years ago I had a bunch of the guys tell me about a guy who could put the head of his dick in his back pocket.. I never saw it but the four of them swore it was true. Wish I had a picture of that.

Lol, ok it’s obvious this guy was just generating some PR for whatever he’s going to be selling. I doubt he has a 10 inch penis, and I doubt his exercises really resemble anything like what he described.


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