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I hate warming up


I hate warming up

I don’t mind PEing but I dreadddd warming up. Is it a must?

There is a “I hate stretching”. Now there is a “I hate warming up”.

I guess the last of the trilogy must be “I hate jelq”.

I hate it to , but it is a must to prevent injury and to help with gains.

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I’d say it’s the most important aspect of PE, but funnily there are people around who don’t warm-up and have brilliant stats and who claim little or no injury. Even if neglecting warm-ups result in little injury, I’m as certain as an uneducated guy can be that performing them will aid in faster growth.

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I never warm up. Personally I don’t think wrapping your dick

with something warm for a few minutes will make any difference at all.

You are just heating the surface of your dick a few degrees, and within

one or two minutes your dick has coled down to normal.

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You don’t warm up like I warmed up then Peter. I think an effective warmup does way more than heat the skin a little.

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I like warming up, it feels good.

Well, if you’re not going to warm up, be extra careful.

I can see the purpose of strecthing and jelqing, but I don’t see the purpose of warming up, would the friction from jelowing with an semi-erect penis make it warm anyway?

In my humble [but unavoidably arrogant] opinion, applied external heat is almost totally irrelevant. The human body is wonderfully good at keeping your internal temperature unchanged even when it’s colder or hotter outside. A hot wrap can only heat the surface, and that by only a degree or two which will last for a minute or two once the heat source is removed. IM[H]O, such a small variation will make fuck-all difference to tissue ‘flexibility’.

HOWEVER, that’s not to say that WARM-UP is irrelevant!! Start the exercise session slowly and GENTLY and gradually work up to full intensity over a period of, say, 10 minutes. Exactly like the same good practise for ligament (and muscle) exercises for any other part of the body really.

I’m with Peter Dick on this one. But if it feels nice to you, it’ll certainly do no harm :)

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I always warm up and think its a good idea. The way I do it to get erect and wrap the hot towel all around it. I can really feel the heat penetrating. I know that it warms all the way through. I can tell after a 5 min warmup that it was way warmer than before just by touching it. I like to apply another hot wrap halfway through my routine. The penis has no choice when wrapped all around with heat. It must heat up. Time is what makes it heat all the way through.

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I’m also being extra careful, I don’t want any discoloration.

Heat can only benefit PE.

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Warming up makes a huge difference at least for me. The chances of getting an injury while PEing decreases. I used to hate warming up too. Here’s a tip: instead of wrapping your dick on a warm soak, get a glass , fill it with warm water and put your dick inside it. This method is perfect. I can control the water temperature better, so I don’t burn myself no more and I don’t have to keep myself ‘re-heating’ the soak from time to time(something that bores me stiff) :)

Originally Posted by memento
You don’t warm up like I warmed up then Peter. I think an effective warmup does way more than heat the skin a little.

I agree, the inside feels kind of like steam is rising. I know for a fact a really good warm-up does heat the inside of my shaft at least, and deep down.

Originally Posted by Gurki
I like warming up, it feels good.


Maybe it should be noted that I don’t use a heat-wrap, I apply hot water straight from the tap and massage the penis as it’s running on there. Five minutes or so of that does it for me nowadays.

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I jelq in the shower, so i guess my whole jelq routine is a “warmup”. Just wrapping for 5 mins doesn’t feel good enough, i need a hot tool all the time.


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