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I hate my life

Ugh, but what Pinkcross said is a lie. And most women go into porn because money and because sex - expecially the exibitionistic side, whatever Shelley Rubben pretends God said to her.

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Originally Posted by ashnan
Guys, I just want to say thankyou to everyone for all the replies. Wow what a community.

I feel allot better now, and now kinda feel stupid for saying what I said before..

I’l stick to it.stick to the routine, stick to my girl, stick my head up and soilder on :)

Thanks :)

Good man, good attitude…you’ll do fine! Remember the secret for happiness…well, just read at the bottom of this post.

Originally Posted by marinera
Really? Oh, fine. Ok, then know what? I’ll wait for you to back up your statement that all the girls in porn are under the influence of drugs and that all the girls in porn don’t enjoy what they are doing.

Hoping that you don’t come up with some bold statement about me misundertanding this also, of course.

I’m waiting.

I think the issue is you don’t want to believe it. You hear it from ex porn stars . And you still have a doubt. Your not a porn star I’m not either. So believe what they said. And if you think it’s normal a woman to have double anal sex, or double pussy penetration, Or gang bang then with all my respect you have no idea about woman. And I’m insisting They do take drugs, And they got abused Not all But 80% at least.

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I think the issue is exactly that you want to believie it instead. Do you want to hear it from real pornstars?
Ever heard of Asia Carrera?

“…She scored 1,440 on her Scholastic Aptitude Test and played the piano twice at Carnegie Hall by age 14.

By 16, she taught Colloquial English at Tsuruga College in Japan. Asia went on to double major in business and Japanese at Rutgers University and later joined Mensa, a society of other individuals with high intellect.

Lucky for us, intellectuals like sex, too.
all I can say is this: I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life, and I don’t consider that settling at all!

“I have a fun job that provides me with the time and money to do all the things I love, like playing piano, drawing, writing, and working on my web site! I’ve slowly lost the hard edge and the ‘fuck-the-world’ attitude I had as a runaway, and gained a love for life that I never had before. I save and invest for the future, and I’m going to finish my degree at my leisure. After I’m done with adult, I’ll be a mom, or a stock analyst, or knowing me, probably both. And when I die, I’m leaving behind a trust fund to provide help and shelter for abused and homeless children, so a little piece of me will live forever!”

What I know is that there is way more evidence of exploitation in parental and church circles than in porn industry, that I can name hundreds of musicians or main stream actress with drug and depression issues and no one blames music or filming for that, that those who keep spreading this ‘she has to be drugged to make porn’ want to convince themselves that women are not able to decide by themselves.

And just so you , I know plenty of women who like gang bang and not all pornstar do double penetration and with all my respect your percentages are taken from nowhere, exactly like the percentages of that evangelist-of-the-last-dollar-foundation. With all my respect you have little idea about women sexuality and with all my respect you should carry your points of view with more respect toward others because rudeness isn’t the way to go and because, with all my respect, most of the time you know way less than them of what you speak of. With all my respect.

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Yeah you are right Sparkyx. Sorry for that OP.

Originally Posted by Pussy Pounder
Please make sure not to over do it by using excessive force. Your size is good.

Have you heard of the ebook Oral Fixation? It’s very interesting. Using the concepts in there could get your gf more into sex.

Who is the author of this book? I looked it up on Amazon but there are several with that title. Thanks!


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