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I got some gains

I got some gains

Just like to let you guys know, I just measured myself and I know I should have waited till March like I said I would, but I have made 0.25 gain bringing me up to 7.75 BP from 7.5 after 1.5 weeks my girth is still the same,will keep you all posted, thanks.

Great news, bam! Congratulations on your gains, and keep up the good work.

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Congrats man :) . It’s always good to know someone is making gains. Keep it up.

Current: 8+ x 5.5

soon to be nine.

Congrats! Keep up the good work.


Cheers guy, gives me a positive boost now I have seen some results.

So you got 1/4” in 1.5 weeks? Is that what I’m hearing? If so, nicely done man. Thats some ridiculous gains if they keep up. Congrats!

Nov '04 EL: 6 7/8" EG: 5 3/8" Dec '04 EL: 7 1/16" EG: 5 5/8" Feb '05 EL: 7 3/16" EG: 5 7/8" Short term goal: 8x6 by this June Long term goal: 8.5x6-6.5

That’s great gains. Can you please share with us your routine that you used all this time?

Total newbie here

Hope I have some of the same successes you are having!
Good luck!


Hello Guys,

a little insite into my routine for those of you who are intersted, 1/4 of an inch was easy and came fast I believe due to the fact I have just started out, I started at 7.5 BP x 5.5 and a SL of 7.75, Now I worked on the basis of lots and lots of manual streching, I lay in bed every morning and just tug in all directions but I work more on the down pull give it a very hard pull for a count of 30, I do this for 15-20 mins. I then take my ass off to the bathroom and shower for a few mins cupping my balls and Penis under the warm water for a warm up, I think the showeris a great substitute for the hot wrap and the action of the water on the penis massages it and causes good circulation. I then do some helicopter style streches only 1 set foe about 10 seconds just before I exit the shower and take my seated position on the toilet. I then use baby lotion with aloe vera and vitimin E, this will help prevent those ugly stretch marks. Any how I Jelq 500 strokes hands down pulling with each stroke, I do not do a 3 second stoke but instead I do a 1-2 second so the pace is slightly more rapid than I have seen in the tutorials. sometimes I mix it up half way through and do hands up for a 100 or so. after the jelq 10 -12 mins I put a hair band at the base of my penis for a few mins just to hold the blood in for a while, by this time my dick looks like someone elses it is so fat and hangs long and feels heavy. I slap it around for a few mins and then go back to bed and relax for a few mins. I then remove the Hair band and do some manual squeezes 3 sets x 30 seconds very hard and full. my viens bulge massively and the head expands, after this my penis feels so thick and it holds a slight pump for hours after. Anyway that is what I do i hope it makes sense, I think the initial gains of 1/4 inch were just because I am new and have streched so much but now my SL is 8.2 inches as opposed to 7.75 when I started, my goal is 9x6 but I have said I will give it 1 year to the day I started and if I have made no more significant gains will call it a day and live with what I have got.

Workout sounds good man. congrats on the gains

First off congrats on those gains man. Your workout sounds pretty good, I just started PEing about a week ago and have been on these PE pills now for a month.. There called pro plus advanced formula pills, I ordered a 4 month supply. There in the mens muscle & fitness magazines and I have read up on them and they sound like one of the better pills for gains. So I’m hoping I will get some good gains. I don’t believe the pills alone will work without PEing but I’M hoping they will at least enhance the exercises. Since I don’t know which exercises really work I’ve just been taking peoples different exercises and putting my own together. I’ve been starting pretty hard b/c theres this girl I’m interested in alot and also I believe the pills do provide faster recovery. My workout is as followed:

-5 min Hot towel rap

-20 min manual stretches(mostly pull downs, straight8 outs & sides) lol don’t know any others really

-350-400 down jelqs & 50-100 up jelqs

-4 mins of squeezes(also can any of you give me any good squeezing exercises info and if it actually works?)

-5 min Hot towel wrap or hot shower

I’ll do this 6 days on 1 day off a week sometimes 2 if I’m really sore.. So far I’ve only been sore once.. I think this is mainly b/c of the pills. Anyways if anyone can give me any advice at all please do so.. I am only a newbie.. One week into this PEing now. Ill keep you guys posted on my gains weekly.
ESL(side right above balls)-5.2
EG- 5

I've also ordered pills

I’ve also ordered penis enlargement pills. I also think that they won’t work if I just use them alone but I’m hoping it will boost the process

What pill did you order :|

Congratualtions! Keep it up.

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