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I got results in 2 weeks

I got results in 2 weeks

I have been doing PE for two weeks now. I have been jelqing, stretching, and doing kegels. I measured today and I noticed I had gained 1/8 of an inch. This may not seem like much to some but it’s definately a start. This gain is keeping me motivated. I just wanted to share my success with others.

7.4375 NBP x 4.75 EG

7.5265 NBP x 4.75 (may be bigger now) EG

Congratulations. Keep up the good work. It’s much… every single milimeter is important. You have a good lenght there >.>


Just wondering… How exactly did you measure it to the 4th digit behind the decimal point?

Congrats gunit! The first time I saw gains I couldn’t believe it. After thinking I would have the same size dick for the rest of my life, it was absolutely amazing to see indisputable evidence on my ruler that PE really works.


I just look at the ruler which has 1/16 inches on it. So, I divided the number of lines by 16 and it came out with a lot of numbers.

Way to go man!

Just make sure you don’t lose those gains. After my first 4 weeks, I took a vacation and didn’t do much PE while I was gone. I came back an measured and lost almost all of my uncemented gains.

Congrats, don’t overdo it though.

I was jubilent the first time I saw a definite gain in size. I felt like running outside and screaming “I have a bigger dick!!” at the top of my lungs. It felt like winning the gold metal.

I’ve been doing PE for almost 2 months now simply out of curiosity, and I definitely am shocked to see that it actually seems to work, I started out at 5.75” BP in June and yesterday I measured it at a hair short of 6.5” BP. Truly amazing to me. I was a real skeptic. I wish I had known about this 20 years ago. I’m going for 8”, and I expect it will take quite a while, but I’m a patient guy. My wife has never made a comment on my size, but I suppose when I reach 7” she might notice something’s different down there.


Insane man, are you saying that the gain is not permanent?

Fast gains do tend go away after no PE for a while, It happen to me.

Congradulations Gunit

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