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I Got Pissed

I Got Pissed

So let me start off by saying I fully believe now that PE is real. Thunder has done it completely for me. I’m pretty skeptical about a lot of things and being a philosopher doesn’t help. But it makes sense to me and in actually doing it for two weeks, I can already see the difference in my cockadoodle! It’s pretty cool I must say. No gains but there is definitely a difference in my Dick’s swag. Now to the matter at hand. So I’m 21 and in college. So what am I doing at night 8pm? I’m in the work out room getting the body ready for summer to hit full circle. Now I must say God hooked me up with some good muscle building genes. I can get fit pretty easily. And as I’m lifting my weights there’s this skinny kid about my height lifting weights too. I’m smiling to my self because I’m like I know he wishes he could lift this shit. But then he gets up and walks by me trying to swing his manhood in my face! (Really he just got really close to me and I’m sitting down and he is standing up) And to tell you the truth it might have been bigger than mine. But that’s not what got me pissed.

You see being a philosopher of Religion and Science got me thinking about God and what he was trying to do. Because it’s pretty obvious that PE works BUT only if you put in the effort. Some people are born with big dicks (every other boy in my family) and some are average (me). Why was I singled out to work hard to get this 8x6 macho that I want? Why couldn’t I have just got the Big dick gene like I got the good muscle building genes? And why the fuck does this skinny ass kid probably have a bigger dick than me! And for a second I got pissed at God.. I know crazy but then that pissness got me so pumped to continue trying to get Mr. Hotdog to Mr. Brotsworth! So that anger turned into motivation and I am determined to get this Weapon of Mass Destruction as long as it takes. My starting stat is EL 6.25 and I still havent measured girth but it looks like either 4.9 or 5 maybe (guestimation). And short term is 7x5.5 and long term is the monster 8x6.

I personally believe that genetics probably also may play a role in PE. If every male in one’s family has a big dick and you don’t. It will probably be easier for one to achieve a big bone in one’s pants with PE. But that is just my Genetics Play a Role Theory. I’m trying to put it into practice my self before I develop it further. I will get this Epic dick if it’s the last thing I ever do! I am doing manual stretches, jelqs and kegels. I plan on soon adding in the Power Jelqer and the x4 Extender because from what I have read they are very helpful and I think my unit would benefit greatly from it. But not until like two months though.

just one question why and how do you know that the others boys in your family have big penis’s?

Current erect girth - 4.92, erect length - 5.7, length when measured from pubic bone - 6.49. Target gains; length - 8.2, width - 6

I am more concerned that you go to a gym where people are swinging their cocks in your face. Unless that’s your scene, in which case enjoy.;)

A 6.25” length is a fine size, and I wonder if the other big boys of your family have similar sizes but you just perceive them to be bigger. If you are muscular or well built, compared to them then a similar sized penis will have a smaller appearance. Either way, hard numbers don’t lie, and if you want to get that epic dick, you have the ability and don’t be too soon to add the extra PE exercises if you are still gaining. Good luck.

epic777, good luck on your quest! I’m sure that determination will lead you to success. I agree about genetics having an important role, but we are here to overcome those limitations.

For me, muscle building seems to be the marathon I have to fight. I’m skinny/slender and genetics doesn’t help me at all in this respect. After a gain of around 5 lbs in the first two months of gym, seems that further gains are a bit harder to achieve, but I’m confident. I’m already in better shape than I was 25 years ago (now at 53) and time goes in my favor! :)

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

Yeah, that’s the problem with really ripped lower abs. A prominent six-pack can hide length almost as much as a fat pad. But, let’s face it, a flaccid hidden by muscle looks much better than one hidden by fat. But I know it can be aggravating how some of these little skinny geeks can have a natural dick that looks bigger than their body.

Good luck with both, body and dick

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Sorry it took so long to reply, I’ve been busy as hell lately with personal stuff (PE included). I saw my dad’s when I was a kid. Just have a memory of it and it was huge also my older brother’s on accident. We lived in the same room at our parent’s house. The skinny kid didn’t mean to it was just he walked really close to me when I was doing a set. And cocks in my face definitely not my scene. Sexy time with sexy lady definitely my scene. Sexy time with sexy lady and 8x6 cockamania pounding that ass is my future scene. And definitely not in a rush to get the PE equipment. It can wait for another month. And CervixHunter thanks for the luck I appreciate it! And same to you with your journey. And Big Girtha I have to agree with the fat pad, I don’t know about the ripped abs since I’ve never really had them. I was close but then I let myself go. Never really been fat though. But I do second the skinny kid natural dick look bigger philosophy bit you gave me. It’s annoying but it is what it is. And mad respect to you too. I’ve read a ton of your posts and you are very informational. Thanks again!

Many people remember things from childhood as larger than they actually were. The world looks so much bigger when we’re that young.

You know what Stealthy2009 I totally forgot that that is true.

It’s cool that you found more motivation but what about the guys with micro penis? I don’t think it’s fair for you to be angry when you’re average. Sure, you don’t stand out (yet) but you don’t stand need to stand in the shadows either.

Good luck with it.

Trust when I say I am greatly appreciative of my size now compared to those who are smaller or have micro-penis syndrome. My perception of penises has changed greatly and I have become a lot more satisfied with my stance in the penis world in terms of being average. Plus I believe I’m a fairly good looking guy with a nice body and my penis size fortunately does not effect my confidence when talking to women or confidence in general. But being African American (Nigerian at that) I’ve always thought I should have a monster or at least that’s what society says we should have. Black people are all just born with horse cocks attached. So that did a little number on me, but I’m glad I found Thunder and PE!

What Cloakghost said about being average and not being angry at yourself makes sense, but what about the significant other that you are screwing around with. I would want to Be known as the “Stallion” to my women instead of average Joe. As for Micro guys,if there’s a will there is definitely a way to get out of that title. I’m considered average due to size at the moment but my goal is 7.5 or higher, but that won’t stop me from thinking that be average is okay even though it’s fine. It really just depends on what kind of motivation a guy gets to push himself like epic777

And trust when I say I find motivation in the weirdest ways and circumstances Pacman2808. I believe my temporary anger was justified and that night I had a great PE session. And yes to have that girl say it’s too big is where I want to be at. 7.5 or higher is a long term goal for me, but I know I can get there also.

I remember using the free weights one day at my gym a few years back.

I was sitting on a bench in front of the huge wall mirror working my forearms doing wrist curls.
This short skinny dude takes the empty space on the right side of me and is standing doing bicep curls.

The guy is wearing a thin tank top with very thin, loose jogging pants, they looked like pajama bottoms. You can clearly see the definition of his cock through his thin pants. (I think he may have worn them solely for showing off) His dong is hanging in one pant leg and as he is thrusting his body to pull the weight up his cock just swings from side to side through his pant leg. It became distracting and it was very gross since he was so short and skinny it just looked weird and freakish.

I wasn’t pissed that he was so much bigger than me in the cock department because I was so much bigger than him in the muscle department. I just felt sorry for the guy since he was doing his bicep curls incorrectly.

Thankfully I no longer go to that gym.

The great elm.


Originally Posted by dontwanttosay
just one question why and how do you know that the others boys in your family have big penis’s?

Oh man are you in trouble dontwanttosay. Look who is after you, we warned about capitalization….


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