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I got anoither question.

I got anoither question.

I work in a hospital as an environmental service specialist,A couple months ago this older lady and I kept flirting at work long story short she felt lonely one nite and we ended up having sex. After the whole thing she grabbed my uncircumcised penis and told me I should get circumcised because it would “pop out” more.. She said something about the underside of my penis. But I paid it no mind and moved on. The other day someone on this site had something about circumcisions I looked into it cuz I’ve always wondered what if I was cut. Anyway there was this one picture about a frenulum breve and it kind of looked like mine but was curved a little more. I read up on it but I don’t have those symptoms except it looks like it. If I do have this frenulum breve will it hinder my PE gains?? Should I get checked?? I have become more and more curious about this subject

It’s way beyond my knowledge. But a good article I saw is here.

Wherein a guy describes his experience

Hope that helps.


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I guess this ones a hard one lol maybe I should just go 2 the doctors and see what they say.. It’s just if it’s nothing it’s going to be a waste of money that I don’t have at da moment


As a thought it may just be that this lady prefers circumcised penises, and you don’t really need it cirumcised anyway,

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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

Lol maybe a pic would help.. I try 2 get one

There are varying degrees of frenulum breve. I have it to some extent. It’s a pain in the arse and makes the act of doing PE more difficult, but doesn’t actually inhibit my ability to gain, though I find hanging and wrapping quite difficult.

Whatever you do, do NOT get circumcised, these operations (for adults) can go very badly and almost always result in reduced sensitivity of your penis. That’s bad.

There are FAR better options. Look up tying the frenulum, it’s a very simple, largely painless and extremely effective procedure that you’re GP can probably perform in his office. You can also get a frenoplasty, which is a little more extreme, but still far better than a full circumcision.

Lol I was never trying 2 go 4 a full cut.. Sorry if that was misleading. But I feel your pain tweaking hanging is a female dog.. I haven’t tried wrapping yet but I guess my PE saga will continue I think it is becoming veinier tho. I might have to check into those procedures

Tell her you will get cut if she does the same.

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