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I give up PE

I give up PE

I have been doing PE since late April. Starting with a LOT of 9 and 200 jelqs (downward) with an 70% erection.. 5 days on, 2 off… After a month I started doing som manual stretch, 10 minuts a day together with 300 jelqs (3 sec). (altsÃ¥ tried some horse sqeezes)

I havae not seen any gain at all. Just some small girth gain in the beginning, but after a rest periode, its down to normal again. I really wanted an inch or two in lenght… but I really dont see any result yet. Im really up do give up this :(


I understand where you are coming from. However, gains don’t happen quickly, or at least not for most.

A few months, isn’t enough time to see gains, not huge ones anyway. Gains of any kind take time, try adding different exercises, talk to the veterans, PM them. Realize that this process is long term, not short term. Vent frustration and then continue on.

I also realize that it is your choice.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Funny, i started the same time you did and didn’t see any result like you. I started to change my routine around and finally started see gain in the last month. Don’t give it up yet, gains will come you just have to find out which exercise will unlock those gains. Remember patience is the key to all penis gains

My 9 inches are coming!!

3 months is not enough time. Stick with it for 3 more. ss4 didn’t see gains for about 2 years but stuck with it, I believe he was finally rewarded with 0.5” and is still gaining.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

10 minutes of stretching a day is not much either. What do you want most anyway? Length? Girth? If you want length most focus mainly if not totally on stretching. If you want girth most focus on that then. Need to develop something routine wise that is longer than 10 minutes a day though. Sounds like you give up too easily.


I agree with those above, it is to early to give up, and don’t expect too much all at once.

I was disappointed at first because I had read those ads for pay sites and pills promising 1-4 inches in 2-6 weeks. I thought, wow if I could conservatively get just 1 inch in 6 weeks that would be great.

Well that’s not how it works,(at least for me) I have a routine that takes about 45-60 minutes a day. I saw very little in the first couple of months. I wasn’t even sure if there was a change. But after a little over 5 months I’ve gained almost 3/4 of an inch. That’s about 1/8 inch per month. That may not seem like a lot but over time it adds up.

It’s up to you but I encourage you to stick with it a bit longer. Take the advice from the posts above and vary your routine and perhaps put more time into stretching exercises.

Whatever you decide, good luck to you.

I agree. Its so early to give up, it does take time, some of us see gains sooner than others. I think the majority of us would say later gains. Change your routine and times spend during PE. You must find what is good for you. Be patience, all goods things will come. Good luck.

I agree with bunbuster and everyone else. I didn’t see any gains at all in my first six months of PE, then I found this place. I changed my routine and took my stretching time up to 30 minutes a day which definitely worked. Look at those stretches bunbuster posted. Also, lately I’ve been hanging which has been amazing, if you want some fast length you should look into hanging.


Get your hands on one of Bib`s hangers, like Mick has said, the results are amazing. Don`t give up bro, it won`t happen over night but it will happen.

I`ve been hanging for a month now, and have noticed visually some gains.
This morning before work, had a quick measure, and gained nearly half an inch, flacid. Will measure tonight erect to see if a definate gain has been accomplished….

Gettin Bigger

estigma, maybe it’s because your penis in such a bad condition. I mean, too short, too thin, and you need more time to see real gains than others. Intensify your routine and don’t give up!


I had very little gains except for hang in my first 5 months of PE. I told myself I would make it to the first of (last) the year and quit if nothing happened. My gains kicked in then big time. Some guys are just slow. Consider is the gain worth your time.


Get a Penimaster (PM) to supplement your routine. I believe you will get faster results. I’ve been PEing for 6 weeks and have seen good results. I use the PM and do jelqs and Ulis.


There are so many different forms of PE. There are more than a dozen manual exercises that you haven’t tried yet. There’s also a whole world of hanging, there’s a whole world of vacuum pumping, and a bunch of all-day stretching devices.

I’d recommend that you completely explore all of your options before giving up entirely. Different people report getting results through different means.

There are many posters here who, like yourself, report little to no gains from jelqing. Many of these posters have gone on to make significant gains, but only after trying other PE movements or by combining jelqs with other exercises.

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