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I gain fast but then it goes.

I gain fast but then it goes.

I first started P.e about 6 months ago, I got hold of some cheap stretcher and used it for one week for just about every spare minute I had. Amazingly I gained 3/8 in that week and it made my dick look much bigger, my confidence was up, it was hanging better lkess turtlidge, strong morning wood. Then I decided to unveil it on my grilfriend, I had sex with her a couple times for an hour or two and then she went home. I decided to keep on stretching and left my stretcher on over night. When I woke up the next day my morning wood was proper weak, I thought nothing of it, I had no chance to stretch that day and later I tired to hav sex with my girl, but my erection was weak and my dick looked very small.

I decided it was the stretcher and locked it away, my penis stayed about the same size as when I started. 3 months on I decided it might be worth another go and so I deicded to wear it for 3 hours on one day, when I had an erection later that night I found my penis was actually bigger perhaps by 1/4 inch, again I was feeling good feeling like I could keep on gaining, the next day I wore it again but was fidning my dick became quite tense and unstretchy also very cold, again I decided to put away the stretcher.

Now I have decided to go manual as I too a mallet to that poxy stretcher. I started stretching 2 days ago and just did multi directional while I was in the shower, later that night I had sex with my girl and later I watched soem porno, my dick was noticably biger again I’d say by about 1/8, but I noticed and I wasn’t expecting anything. Yesterday I did the same streching while I was in the shower and little later at night a couple hours after some sex and this morning I did the same stretching. However I had sex about an hour ago and I’m noticing I’m a bit smaller na dcertianly don’t have that strong dick I had 2 days ago.

I have some issues with sex drive and erectile function so I’m not sure if the varience in the strength of my erections is making it harder to measure. I am wondering if it would be better to measure unerect and stretched bone pressed?

Also wondering weather sex should be avoided during P.e or if there is any consensus on when P.e should be done in relation to sex?

Seems I gain fast but I can’t hold the gains or maybe I just give up too soon..



Hmm PE or sex? Stop and think about this for a minute…

Ok, I hope you made the right decision. :)

For clarity mastURbation after can wait. Sex shouldn’t. Unless you need a little time to rest don’t worry about the gains. It doesn’t matter.

You never mentioned tension, time, frequency, ect… You know all the little goodies that show us if you over trained.

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